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Caer-Days: Winter Avatar Contest

Welcome to the part of the Caer-Days, that takes place on our forums, the winter avatar contest! All you have to do is change your Avatar to a wintery one and post something in this thread so we know that you’re participating. You can enter until the 22nd and we will vote on the 23rd. I’m looking forward to seeing all your wonderful submissions!

`[Image: Icarus_Signature.png]`

Ho Ho Ho

[Image: MgwBskw.png]
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[Image: cnHaKqb.png]
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Ba Ba Ba
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i sure hope that this counts as a winter pfp

yes, this is the same person as literally all my other pfps

[font=Times New Roman]am gremling. cryptid. gobling.[/font]
[font=Times New Roman]just your local kpop stan with no rights.[/font]
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Merry Christmas from an excited Ayu!

[Image: 118165-anime-anime_girls-Santa_costume-T...istmas.jpg]

[Image: bzy0eUM.png]
[Image: cnHaKqb.png]
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I also have a winter avatar now! Heehoo your signature is amazing and I am a very excited smol green winter bean Yay\o/

`[Image: Icarus_Signature.png]`
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I did a thing. Tongue
[Image: hmn6FxF.png]

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