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Embassy of Karma

Treaty signed with Caer Sidi:

Woo! Our very own suite in Caer Sidi! I hope this place has room service! ♪
I am happy to bring you all Karma's first forum embassy update! What a mouthful!

[Image: JIkOYM5.png]In this months Augury...

※ Our election results for Yogi and Prime Yogi! 
※ Aggie talks to our Tō Sage, Peter!
※ Taki talks bagel
All and more in the Augury

Thank you for the update! That was a great issue of the Augury!

Edit: We don't usually offer room service but we can definitely arrange that for Karma <3

[Image: MgwBskw.png]
The Corleone Family:
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Ahoy! ⚓
[Image: HsmTMrpvWTYAfuEcPuDDO79MgnCjq9Q8aOEbfu0S...Z0LND5Evu4]

It's January, Caer Sidi! The New Year is in, and what a year it has been! It's been a difficult year for all of us, but we have kept moving forward and fighting our way through the darkness, and there's light at the end of the tunnel yet. I am not a betting dog, but I have put a few spare buttons and fluff on 2021 being an incredible year for all of us, both outside and inside Nationstates! <3

In Karma's January Edition of the Augury, we have:

• Alti presiding over a funeral for 2020
• Another edition of Ask Someone Elsa!
• Our Kai Sage, Lev, talks over some our Karmic residents New Years Resolutions
• The results of the 19th Karma Awards are in!
e g g

All in the Augury!
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I always love reading The Augury!

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The Corleone Family:

Good afternoon, my CS friends! Welcome to the best issue yet of The Augury! If you ever wanted to know how to make Chameleon flavored themed Curry, we've got your back.*

Because we love you, here is a TL;DR:

Peter interviews our new Prime Guru and new WAD, Taki and Ham
Caer Sidi sends Karma a letter
Nadia explains why the sun should be banned
Alti talks about all the broken things in Karma
Mar rates his tea
Taki gives us a vanilla cake recipe

Read the full issue here

*Disclaimer: do not eat Chameleons. They do not taste good and that feels a little bit illegal.

Congratulations to Takura and Ham!

Also, definitely #BanTheSun!

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The Corleone Family:

⚓ Ahoy! ⚓

The elves over in Karma have been very hard at work recently. When they haven't been making toys and spreading chaos, they managed to cook up a brand new edition of the Augury for your viewing pleasure! 
[Image: JIkOYM5.png]
In Karma's June Edition of the Augury, we have:
• We welcome our newest Sage, Nova! The resident mothman has taken on the mantle of Rin
• We celebrate Karma's 4th birthday! We can now count to 10 all by ourselves Cool
• We talk about our new friends in the URA! UCR together stronk!
• Taki makes falafels Tongue
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Birthday buddies!

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The Corleone Family:
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