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Caer Sidi Embassy Policy

So you'd like to establish diplomatic ties with Caer Sidi? Great! Please read our embassy policy below before posting your embassy/diplomat application.

Please visit the Embassy/Diplomat Application Form thread and fill out the form and an admin will mask you as a foreign diplomat. All updates can be shared in your region's embassy thread, that will be created for you in Embassy Row.

Caer Sidi Embassy Policy

Caer Sidi welcomes diplomatic relations with other regions within NationStates. We are however, selective in who we choose to establish embassies with and regions must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Regions must have at least 50 nations.

  • Regions must have either a Discord server or an offsite forum or both.

  • Regions must assign a diplomat to Caer Sidi to post foreign updates.

  • Foreign updates are only to be posted or linked in the designated spaces for them in our offsite forum and Discord server.

Foreign Diplomats will not be accepted unless they fill out the following spoilered form and submit it in Embassy/Diplomat Application Form thread.

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