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(09-01-2020, 11:16 AM)The Caer Sidi Royal Post Wrote:  NationStates Name:I forget and I can't find it
Discord Name:[color=var(--header-secondary)]Dolan[/color]
Nation in Caer Sidi: Hen Orchymyn
Time in Nationstates:23 Minutes, 35 Seconds
Other regions you are in:kaiserreich in a different country and Palatine
How did you find us?: I got and invite

Accepted! Welcome to CS!

[Image: ykJG0Lx.png]

(09-01-2020, 11:16 AM)The Caer Sidi Royal Post Wrote:  NationStates Name: Lavem
Discord Name: Aldarras
Nation in Caer Sidi:
Time in Nationstates: Unknown (less than a day currently as I've come back from oblivion again)
Other regions you are in: None
How did you find us? Just searched the site

Would you like to volunteer in our Volunteer Centre? The available volunteer ministries we have are: Emissaries, who represent CS to other regions, Journalists, who write for CSBS, Recruiters, who bring new nations in to CS, and our small ops military, The Autumnal Court: (yes, if so which/no)

Not at this time, no available time in my schedule

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