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Approved!!!! Welcome to CS Whooooooo\o/

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NationStates Name: Serbgard
Discord Name: Влајко (Vladan)
Nation in Caer Sidi:
Time in Nationstates: 8 years, give or take
Other regions you are in: Serbgard is a new nation of mine, my main used to be Serbatijan Empire. I used to be in regions like Northern Utopia, Union of Confederate Regions and some others less significant.
How did you find us?: I have been looking for a medieval roleplay region for quite some time. I found Caer Sidi by basically just looking at other region's embassies ?

Would you like to volunteer in our Volunteer Centre? The available volunteer ministries we have are: Emissaries, who represent CS to other regions, Journalists, who write for CSBS, Recruiters, who bring new nations in to CS, and our small ops military, The Autumnal Court: (yes, if so which/no) No

Approved! Welcome to CS!

NationStates Name: Eareamland
Discord Name:CanadianMaps
Nation in Caer Sidi:
Time in Nationstates:307 days, and a few minutes I didn't count.
Other regions you are in: TSP.
How did you find us? former TSP ambassador to CS

Approved! Welcome to CS citizenship

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NationStates Name: Mzeusia
Discord Name: Mzeusia
Nation in Caer Sidi:
Time in Nationstates: A little over three years
Other regions you are in: The North, Lazarus and The East Pacific
How did you find us? I first came across you when I was head of Internal Management in Lazarus and was asked to set up an inter-regional RP between our two regions. After moving from Lazarus, I have come here.

Approved! Welcome to Caer Sidi

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