The Offices of Adventurers, Merchants, and Wandersome Tribes:

The Offices of Adventurers, Merchants, and Wandersome Tribes:
 This is the application to use if you plan on roleplaying as an individual or small group to roleplay or interact in a warren without the need of a holdfast or political structure. This application will be split into two halves, the individual application and the small group application, as those are very different in terms of logistics.


Discord Name (without the numbers at the end):_____________________

 Full name:_____________________

Birthplace:___________________ (If holdfast, please ask permission of Holdfast owner)
 Physical Description:

 Possessions/Equipment (Please use reason when listing items, but do not feel the need to list small or unimportant details [i.e. rations for x days]. Possessions includes vehicles and mounts):

Personality description:


Group Name:

Group purpose (ex. Trading company, guild of traveling artisans, nomadic tribes, mercenary company):

Group Population (Max 150 people, please list species in group by pop number):

Group Description:

Group possessions or equipment (Please use reason when listing items, but do not feel the need to list small or unimportant details [i.e. rations for x days]. Possessions includes vehicles and mounts):

 PLEASE NOTE: As you are a small group or individual, eschewing the holdfast structure, you will not receive a subforum, instead, once you are approved, please feel free to introduce yourself in a thread in the Trav'ler’s Home Subforum (

The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet

Full name: Emily-Anne 

Birthplace: Bastion
 Physical Description: Tall (near 6ft), long hair, slender

 Possessions/Equipment (Please use reason when listing items, but do not feel the need to list small or unimportant details [i.e. rations for x days]. Possessions includes vehicles and mounts):
bow & arrows
writing & drawing stuffs (pencils mostly)

 Skills: Singing, Carpentry, artistry, poetry
Personality description:
Empathetic, kind, wanderlust, loyal, has sense of right and wrong

Born to a single mom, Emma-Anne, most commonly just "Em", was the main breadwinner until her mother married a relatively wealthy carpenter in Bastion. Em took to carpentry as much as any of her other hobbies, like art or poetry. Her first romance ended in near tragedy with her partner slashing her in her leg, but very poorly. After that she started seeing her current partner, although her parent rejected it. Much to the chagrin of Ezra, her partner, Em decided to set out to explore.

Ad Astra.

Group Name: The Scaití Clan 

Group purpose (ex. Trading company, guild of traveling artisans, nomadic tribes, mercenary company) :a nomadic tribe mixed with a Trading company

Group Population (Max 150 people, please list species in group by pop number): 119 are demi fae with 1 being a Starforged 

Group Description: after years of slowly dying out a group of Demi Fae had enough and left the old ways of their people behind leaveing Maylla behind and setting out to find themselves a beter life for their people to survive. to this effect they have relayed on their skilll honed in their homeland to colect herbes and other such items that most wouldn't know about in order to sell them in city's to trade for items that the clan would need. 

Group possessions or equipment (Please use reason when listing items, but do not feel the need to list small or unimportant details [i.e. rations for x days]. Possessions includes vehicles and mounts):

40 Winkles the clans equalvent to horses it is from their homeland of Maylla.

20 Carts large carts are the backbone of the clans being what is used to cary what they intend to sell and what they need to live.

21 Axos several packs of Axos have started to follow the new clan around eating bits of food so far no one has been able to get rid of them.

1 Pommel of Hope a large stone that is carried around in a cart it is a large staucue of their god of the moon a large dragon. it is an object of great cultural and religious importance that reminds them of their homeland and their past.


i may be lost but i will never be forgotten

(11-18-2022, 07:29 PM)E. Kerman Wrote:  Full name: Emily-Anne 

Accepted! Feel free to post an introduction in Trav'ler's home!

The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet

(11-18-2022, 07:51 PM)The Lost God Pan Wrote:  Group Name: The Scaití Clan

Accepted! Please feel free to post in the Trav'ler's Home when you are ready!

The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet

Group Name: Order of Catellus
[Image: 3oOZZM7.png]
Group purpose: "Independent Order" with primarily economic interests.

Group Population: 29 (initial)
Group Description: A group of "juvenile nomads" who first appeared in the Southeastern region of the Warren. The self-proclaimed "Second Order of Catellus," taking their name from one "Carlo 'Hellhound' Catellus," mostly keep to themselves. However, despite appearances, they are very knowledgible and capable in regards to trade, wilderness travel, hunting and tracking.
Their Grandmaster is Aeden Ua Fintan and his second-in-command is Cormac Taranis. The Order is something of a fraternal society and authority is often decided by "seniority," where "Elder" brothers and sisters have more responsibility than their "younger" siblings.

General Inventory: black cloaks, bows & arrows, swords, daggers, saddles (but no horses as of yet), book collection (instruction manuals, encoded records, treatises on warfare and sailing, something titled: "Ar Saol Codex"), and a single onyx glass orb (significance unknown)

Group's Emblem: the Tricolor Triquetra 

Other info: Certain members of the Order will wear a silver ring with a red sigil. They consider these rings to be vitally important, possibly a mark of achievement or status.
Members of the Order will say that they have a home called: Cu'Dún in the south, supposedly a "stronghold" on one of those islands across from Hdigimuervisk. However, considering that they are just a "order" of adolescents... there's no way they could build anything, much less a small castle, right?

(11-18-2022, 08:47 PM)Atlas Powers Wrote:  Group Name: Order of Catellus
[Image: 3oOZZM7.png]

Accepted! Feel free to post in Trav'ler's home at your leisure!

The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet

 Full name: Deyan Hrdlicka

Birthplace: Nomos province of Kingdom of Niveusmont 
 Physical Description: a tall men around 5.11 standing with a well built figure with a belly of mead covered in tattoos  from left arm to a right arm his hair long to the point it reaches his shoulders the hair black as coal with a style of a cows lick weirdly enough  and a small pipe that he keeps in his mouth.

 Possessions/Equipment: A small red pipe with decoration of moon on it made out of wood an silver, a Iron axe, set of traditional clothing that he wears at all times covered in blue colour with white paterns all around like a flowing water with an eagle on the back, Crowsbow with few bolts, bags filled with tools and equipment for survival, Thieves Tools, Giant elf named Miki and a hawk called Tyr.

 Skills: Deception, Locksmithing, Stealth, Persuasion
Personality description: Calm. Devious. Conniving. Foxy. Pridefull. 

 Backstory: Child born of war was the saying for people like him the creation of Kingdom of Niveusmont made all the local lords to fight for domination and so thousands of vaillages perished Deyan was one of them. Growing up in the mountains by a man he hold dear who taught him the skills of thievery  and the ways embarged to make a name out of him self meybe even be the very best. Will it be by being a scammer a merchant of "goods" or a city desposal guy only the faith knows .

Group Name: The D'Arcy Family

Group purpose (ex. Trading company, guild of traveling artisans, nomadic tribes, mercenary company): A mix of explorers and traders

Group Population (Max 150 people, please list species in group by pop number): 134 members,99 Syvisans and 35 Fae

Group Description: It was originally formed by a family of people living in Chail,where the ussualy wandered off to a local forest to forage and sell the foraged items,but also selling some of their crops. They ended up forming a group of 15 people that wandered around the Queendom trading and exploring: along the years they gathered many more members. They are very experienced in foraging,farming,mining and exploring. They also sell potions and other magical products like wands. They use iron or bronze swords to protect themselves,and bronze armour (if they happen to pass through dangerous areas). They travel oftenly by cart but also by horse. In their shops (which are in large carts) you can find almost anything. Sometimes,if they stop for more time in an area,they will set up an actual temporary shop and a huge camp.

Group possessions or equipment (Please use reason when listing items, but do not feel the need to list small or unimportant details [i.e. rations for x days]. Possessions includes vehicles and mounts):

12 Iron swords
58 Bronze swords
70 Bronze Armour sets
65 Carts
38 Bulls
54 Horses
Tons of different rations,plants,etc

-Duke Darius the II of The Great Duchy of Lestovonia,Representative of The Great Duchy of Lestovonia in the War Council.[
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(12-21-2022, 02:58 PM)Lestovonia Wrote:  
Family Traders -snip:

Welcome to the less-remembered but equally as charming side of CS Canonical Roleplay, Lest! With our official acceptance, you are free to post in the Trav'ler's home at your leisure.

The Taiscéalaithe Detachment
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"To charter a brighter, more united Warren"

There is a saying that reverberates within the walls of a grand castle turned seemingly exhaustive library deep within the confines of the Bastion; "You are only as knowledgeable as you dedicate yourself to be"... Though perhaps echoed to those whom use the library's services, from the common man or woman only seeking a book to pass a dark night with to officials of the Queensland seeking aid in their endeavours through whatever knowledge they see appropriate for it by those who service the building, no less the enigmatic Oracle who watches over it, that is not to communicate that the Library itself is omitted from the same statement they utter onto others.

To become as much of a bastion of knowledge and learning as it has, the Library and it's influence is not only felt within Bastion... Nor only within Chail nor the Summer Coast or Winter Grove and the Queensland in it's entirety, but perhaps across the Warren. To those whom dedicate themselves to travel the lands, document it's happenings, charter maps and learn about the many, many peoples that call Caer Sidi home under the watchful gaze of a magnanimous library and it's strange overseer, they call themselves the Taiscéalaithe Detachment.

The Taiscéalaithe Detachment's purpose is straightforward, but no less an arduous nor important one. Their efforts make them one of the largest groups within the entire Warren which dedicate their efforts to learning about practically everything and anything there is to know about Caer Sidi, a task which has only grown more necessary throughout the advent of dark days ahead... In as little words as possible; the Taiscéalaithe Detachment are researchers and travellers in equal measures.

Under the watch of the Oracle's knowing gaze, the Taiscéalaithe Detachment may indeed be a flexible, ever-changing group of peoples, whether in number or attribute; physical, mental or otherwise. Indeed, the composition of the Detachment has changed throughout the years on numerous occasion, however the current day sees the Taiscéalaithe Detachment "employ" a group of 148, perhaps more or less, and often split into smaller brackets when seen fit. Out of the 148 members active within the Detachment, the majority are Syvisan, with a smaller number of Sidhé; numbering two dozen or so. Other races are not commonly seen as members, perhaps a single Sprite, or a few Satyrs...

Though the Taiscéalaithe Detachment is managed and commanded by an "Overseer", his face is rarely seen by those the Detachment actively engage with. Rather, when out and about, each different group under the entire Detachment at any given time would be under the leadership of a "Chargehand", appointed by the aforementioned Overseer, which guides the specific bracket in it's objective and motions.

One can expect the members of the Taiscéalaithe Detachment to have with them an assortment of "things" to aid them in their travels, excluding mention of the more obvious such as clothes on their backs, food in their pockets and aboard loaded carts and an assortment of daggers, spears, staves, shields, bows, arrows and any other type of weapon, ones that every member of the Detachment are taught to use to at the very least a decent level.

⠀⠀⠀The Taiscéalaithe Detachment owns these items; as follows
  • [ 180 ] Horses
  • [ 90 ] Horse-drawn Carts

  • An innumerable number of books, from ones with blank pages to be used for notetaking, cartography, professional writing or the like, to specific texts regarding numerous factors, from the locations they would be visiting to ones that teach helpful techniques, and much more

  • [ 1 ] "Summoning" disc

  • A varying amount of Magical Reagent, depending on circumstance

  • A moderate selection of valuable goods, from coin to gold and gems, stored in strongboxes, purses, footlockers and the like

[Image: tylu0RQ.png]

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officially approved!

Full name: Cthoria ap Nhil

Birthplace:  Syvisa
Physical Description:
Cthoria is thin and about 5’4”. Her skin is milky pale, in stark contrast to her onyx black hair which is typically in a single braid that falls to the small of her back. She wears light make-up save for the accentuated stylings around her eyes in various winged tips and geometric designs depending on what she is feeling for the day. Though she is thin, she exudes a demeanor of strength reinforced by the way her body has changed over the course of her wandering, as the open road has given her a degree of physical prowess along with the tell tale signs of a long journey. She wears simple but practical clothes that befit a traveler, often seen in a tunic or hide jerkin and pants tailored to be form fitting and free of slack. She adorns her simple clothes with a black leather pauldron, arm guards, and leather greaves when moving through rough terrain or dangerous environments.

Recently, since returning to Caer Sidi, she is seen with a pair of gossamer wings made out of a silvery blue light emanating from her upper back- not connected but as if emanating like an aura. She cannot fly with these wings– she doesn’t actually know why they are there or what function they perform, if any at all. The Daughters of Annwn see the wings as a reinforcement of Cthoria being Saint Annwn. Her veins occasionally show black through her skin because she is one of the Kissed– the dwindling number of people who were corrupted by the power of the Chaolich during the Diarchy’s final battle with it.

Cthoria travels light, preferring to utilize the world around her to gather and make 
the supplies she needs. Possessions of note would be her scimitar “Shadesong” which occasionally crackles with blackened energy, her armor, and the broken pieces of the Winter Crown she once wore as Diarch. Other than that her possessions are mundane: a survival knife, a set of tools such as a flint, whetstone, armor repair tools, and a water skin. Shadesong is a magical blade that has the ability to use the chaos within its blade to inflict a wasting poison on those affected by it. It is curable, and most people have access to the ingredients to do so, but left untreated and it will eventually kill.

Cthoria has learned a lot on her journey, particularly how to survive in the wilds of the Warrens she’s traveled through. Her martial skills have grown as well, as there has been plenty of conflict on the open road, and she considers herself to be quite adept with her scimitar. Through the practices of the Fae and other travelers that follow her, she has learned a moderate amount of nature based magics which have replaced the abilities she lost when she abdicated the throne. Her reagents are specific ingredients taken from the natural world under certain conditions and through specific ritualized steps. They have to be taken during specific times of the season, and typically require her to perform a Rite of Primal Consecration in which she mixes her blood with the ingredients to make a poultice. This leaves her druidic magic a little wild and sometimes imbued with random effects because of her nature as Kissed.

The power of chaos still flows within her veins, though she does not draw on this power very often- it is powerful, but the reagent is her own body. Every chaos spell she is forced to cast withers away a piece of her, turning her into some manifestation of undeath over time. Which, if she is honest with herself, she knows is already happening with every breath she takes. She reckons that she has about 3-4 more chaos magic spells before she is seriously debilitated or dies.
Personality Description:
Cthoria is purposeful in her interactions with those she does not know. Guarded and thoughtful, she is projecting a general demeanor of control. This is an illusion. The chaos that flows in her veins is impulsive and wild, and it takes a great deal of focus to push below the surface. She does not bother to keep this focus when surrounded by those she trusts, nor when she is alone in the wilds on her travels. It’s just too much energy. Those who knew her in the past might see this facade for what it is, but would not recognize her if she lowered it- something primal stirs within her that was not there before. Whether it be the effect of her casting off civilization and embracing the natural world and her natural self or the corrupting influence of her corrupted blood, she is only a few steps above savage on a moment to moment basis. Her anger is a storm and her laughter is vicious. It is often off putting to those that dwell within societal comforts and civilized niceties.

Cthoria abdicated the throne and left Caer Sidi without telling much of the truth to anyone. Including Aynia. She knew this would hurt, both the Summer Queen and her beloved people, but it was necessary. Something stirred inside of her, brought on by her Kissed nature which grew each day and that she felt at times would consume her. She pretended, at least to Aynia and Roran, that her exodus was borne upon curiosity and wanderlust, but she knew better. Whatever was stirring inside her was becoming more and more difficult to fight against and she didn’t quite know what the consequence of giving in, or relinquishing her defenses, could be. So she left.

And she traveled throughout the Warrens.

Little is known about her travels to anyone but her and her followers, but there are a few things that are apparent. For one, she has changed. No longer the inquisitive and excitable Syvisan noble of her birth, Cthoria’s warmth has waned in favor of a cold and primal instinct. She was forced to survive on her own skills in the wild, learned druidic magics from a coven of lost Fae, and slowly let the Chaos inside of her seep in. She found it… controllable, but only just. Her veins are much more visible through her skin and she knows her body rots from the inside out, but she continues to travel in search of some way to fully contain the chaos inside of her.

She does occasionally speak of the places she’s visited. A vast desert where she ruled as Pharaoh for a short time, a hub of warren travel controlled by a brotherhood of assassins in service to an Overseer cloaked in shadows. In one warren she found the Anuin, a group of druids who she stayed with for some time before journeying forth. Their bond was so great that the Anuin bestowed upon Cthoria the title of Annwn and pledged their service to her as she traveled throughout the warrens. These are the Daughters of Annwn.
Now her travels have brought her back to Caer Sidi because she believes that the answers to her questions remained here all along. Now if only she can do so without attracting too much attention…

Group Name:
Daughters of Annwn

Group Purpose:
Nomadic cult that follows Cthoria on her travels throughout the Warrens. They are the Annwin that she met on her travels through the Warrens who bestowed upon Cthoria the title of Annwn and taught her the druidic powers that she now employs. They revere her as one would a saint and believe that she will go on to perform miraculous feats of wonder. What these feats will be do not matter– they worship the primal magic of creation even if it does not align with the “pretty” and “benevolent” forces of existence. 

Group Population:
Roughly 28 in total. Some occasionally join, some occasionally leave. All female. 
Sluagh - 15
Human - 9
Sidhe (From Caer Sidi) - 4

Group Description:
The Daughters of Annwn are a small cult of all female worshippers of Cthoria as the Saint Annwn. They believe her to be the embodiment of the cycle of life and death, largely due in part to her nature as one of the Kissed. The believe she has the capacity to perform miracles and that she will one day perform a miracle so potent that it will change the Warrens forever. Cthoria does not stoke the flame of their devotion, and in fact tries her best to discourage it– she is no Saint and does not have any power to perform miracles. They obstinately refuse this and follow her anyways. Cthoria has become very close to them in her travels, and they set about the open road as a group. A community of travelers that depend on the lands they venture across rather than the world of money and power that surrounds civilization.
Each of them have access to druidic magic, practiced in the same way that Cthoria practices hers and utilizing the same process for creating reagents. In fact, they are the ones who taught her druidry in the first place, though she quickly rose above them in terms of power and capability. They use this knack for natural magic as another piece of evidence that Cthoria is their Saint Annwn. Much to her dismay.

Group possessions or equipment: The Daughters of Annwn travel light as well, utilizing their druidry and their survival skills to forge their path across the Warrens with Cthoria. Each of them wears similar light leather armor and utilizes mundane weapons such as swords, scimitars, bows, or daggers. They also have access to the same tools Cthoria has, simple survival tools and the like. Each carries with them a backpack, bedroll, and waterskin.

A Note On The Sluagh:

The Sluagh are a type of Fae that come from the Warren that Cthoria met the Annwin in. They are Fae, and closely resemble human and Sidhe. Close enough to where they may have shared a common ancestor, but with a few very different characteristics as well. The Sluagh are drawn to dark places of gloomy rot and dank ruin, the intricacies of secrets and mystery, and the despair of death and corruption. They are the embodiment of decay, even so unto their appearance as they often have sunken eyes, brittle nails and hair, and pale skin that looks as if they are wasting away of consumption. The Sluagh revel in this form as it is of their true nature-- but they do not share their truths with everyone.

Be it through cosmetics or light glamour magics, the Sluagh obfuscate who and what they are when they are around strangers. This is taxing, however, so they prefer to spend most of their time alone or with other Sluagh. The ones that follow Cthoria do practice this misdirection unless she asks them not to, for their devotion to Saint Annwn is above their desire for secrecy. Often they tend mushroom gardens if stationary or collect specimens of decay if they are traveling. A considerable number of Sluagh spread lies about their people, like that they created the first nightmare or that they manifested from fear itself. This isn't true, but they tell the tales so convincingly that sometimes people believe it is.

Meliora "Azeri" Lynxi Summers
Once Known as Cthoria
Kissed by Winter
Sock Liberationist
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(05-05-2023, 11:39 AM)Lynxi Wrote:  
The return of the Queen:

The Daughters of Annwn:

Welcome to the less-remembered but equally as charming side of CS Canonical Roleplay, Lynxi! With our official acceptance, you are free to post in the Trav'ler's home at your leisure.

[Image: tylu0RQ.png]

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Group Name: The Stormhawk Company

Group purpose : Mercenary Company

Group Population 150 sidhe:

1 Commander- Blademaster Æðelric Audleye
9 lieutenants
30 archers
10 battlemages
20 battlefield healers, 10 of which have magical capabilities
80 soldiers of various rank

Group Description:
The Stormhawk Company is a traveling company of mercenary dragoons that range far and wide, though they have found themselves wandering north, exploring under the charge of a relatively young Blademaster. The company is known for its strategy of impulsive cavalry charges under the cover of arrows and spells, using their glaives to cut forward and pierce enemy lines. The archers and mages are both trained to do their combat from horseback, and their battlefield medics are very skilled at swiftly scooping wounded where they have fallen and riding to safety to heal them. They are a formidable if small force, and their numbers continue to dwindle as their tradition of intensive training of recruits before they are even accepted has driven away many of their potential new members. At this time, the newest members have at least two decades of experience in the company. dissent has been rumbling amongst the company, but know that Chaos has returned, the Blademaster has seen fit to send his men towards the nearest portal, potentially gathering a sizable army or joining such a force to drive back the evil and become renowned.

Group possessions or equipment:
110 sets of iron armor and weapons (glaives and kite shields) for the soldiers
20 healer's kits, 10 of which have emergency reagents
10 sets of light bronze armor, for the battlemages
10 staves of enchanted wood banded in blessed silver
30 bows and quivers
10000 arrows
140 bronze shortswords
9 iron shortswords
1 iron longsword
2000 usable units of reagent, for a week of heavy casting, will probably last a month or more if sparingly
150 Horses
 30 Wagons
maintenance equipment for armor, weapons, and wagons

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