Brynaich says hello!

Hi everyone! 

What can I say about myself? I used to play NS back in the 00s, and was happy to discover it still going nearly 20 years later so thought I’d give it another go. I like to play folk music, and D&D when I get the time. Those of you with a Celtic history bent might even be able to work out what the name is based on  Wink . 

You all seem like a bunch of total nerds, which is good news to me! I love the lore I’ve read so far and can’t wait til I can think of a cool idea for a holdfast. 


Glad to have you with us, the RP Nerds are always happy to have new folk!
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That's lovely to hear! If you have any questions about holdfasts, feel free to ask in the discord, and I will do my best to aid you

The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet
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