My name is Robert-Laurens, and I'm an Anglo-Dutch student who got into nationstate roughly three years ago. I sporadically did some nation-maintenance here and there, and frequented the forums, but I never got the chance to commit to a region. After an ever-relaxing break and long vacation, I've decided to pick up the game again, and do something I thought I'd never find the time for: I want to join a region.

Here's to hoping Caer Sidi is the one for me! I'm completely enamoured with the lore and world you've set up so far, and I can't wait to immerse my nation into your lovely region. Now, for those of you who would like to know a bit more about me: My main passion is rugby. I play it whenever I can, and I watch it whenever there's a game on worth watching. When you do find me on the pitch, I'm most likely to play as a second-row or flanker, though our coach loves putting me up as a centre because of our lack of backs. A game I used to play and I'm still really passionate about is polo, though now that I live in Holland and spend most of my time withering away at my university's library, it's gotten difficult to find the time to join a team, practice the sport and enter into competitions. About that uni I mentioned: I'm doing a double bachelor in history and law, and though I'm unsure what job might suit me best, I'm enjoying both degrees at the moment, and I'm confident I'll graduate in both.

Glad to be here guys! If anyone wants to shoot me a message about absolutely anything, you can find me on NS (my nation's name is Tharria) or Discord (Robert Laurens#6963).

Here's to the great time I'll have at Caer Sidi,

Heya and welcome to the region! We hope you like it here, too :3

A double bachelor is impressive, and exhausting I am sure!

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