The Crown Estate Commission

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Welcome to the Crown Estate Commission, Citizen

"Unless you prove to be an official from a far-off land entrusted with the responsibility to communicate here, I think you may well be in the wrong place, sir/ma'am.
I will assume by your confused look that the latter may be more true. Allow me to explain what this building, and the people such as myself whom perform their duties within them services. We are the Crown Estate Commission, and those whom you see seated against the great desks towards the centre of the large room of which we are standing in are known as Magistrates, or Commissioners. Our honourable duty, a service entrusted onto us by the Royal Family of the Queensland themselves is to catalogue previously accepted Holdfasts of the Queensland, and accept and/or deny potential communities for Holdfast status.

Now then, if you are not here for any reason that coincides with the topic of the Queensland's various scattered Holdfasts across the Warren, perhaps it would be best if you leave. If you are lost, perhaps I may point you towards the right place? A tavern, or the market?"

If said visitor was able to get past this "greeter" and explore the building of which looked not at all unlike a repurposed throne room, they would find quite the regal sight, if a regality that was not only just for show. Against the walls that extended vertically for quite some distance would lay many a bookshelf, some empty and those which are not full of books that seemed less so random like a library, and more purposeful. Ladders flanked these shelves at many an interval... Toward the end of the two walls to the side - sometimes the monotony being broken by archways and doors leading to hallways and rooms out of sight - would be a huge window not unlike one seen in a cathedral, not of stained glass but still rich and regal all the same. The floor would be made of rich wood, directly centre would be an equally - if not moreso - rich red and white carpet, leading up to a raised platform with many a desk manned by Magistrates...

This, is the Crown Estate Commission.

Well then, welcome all to the new and improved version of the previous Royal Office of the Crown Estate Commissioners thread! I am, of course your residential Non-Corporeal Blob of Energy known as the Oracle! Of Caer Sidi mostly. Do I have connections to other Warrens like Chaosium, Syvsia or dare I even say, someplace called "The Universe" ? Maybe, maybe not.
Now then, what is this thread all about, you may ask? Well, allow me to explain! This will be the place where you can submit an application to the Official, Canonical Roleplay of the region of Caer Sidi, that takes place in... Well, the "Warren" of Caer Sidi. Even now, I have said quite a few things that might be leaving you scratching your head, for instance what even is a warren? And whilst this place isn't where I am going to answer them, what I will do is leave a few links to a few other topics that will hopefully answer your questions... As in, right now!

This isn't complete yet, but don't worry! It will be as soon as possible
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Right then, with that out of the way, let me tell you about the sign-up...
Whilst there is - and for that matter, most likely will be - other ways of participating in the roleplay, the main way to do so and... Well, the easiest way is to sign up for a "Holdfast" within Caer Sidi. First of all, and this is important to note: A Holdfast is not at all like a Nation or a Country as you might think of it as, but similar to vassalage within the Feudal System ( Here's a link to it here: ), where a small civilisation or group of people in this case swear loyalty to the Queensland and the Royal Family of Caer Sidi to become an official Holdfast, with all the perks that come with it such as trade, protection from hostile threats such as the Chaosium and more.
Your Holdfast can be a whole lot of different things, as long as it fits with the rules and guidelines of which are set for it, which of course I will define in due time here. You can get creative with your potential Holdfast, and I myself encourage such creativity!

Now then, whilst I would like to continue talking and talking like I oh so like doing, I think what would be best now is to get into defining the rules and telling you what you can, and can not do when making and creating a Holdfast.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. For reference when creating a Holdfast, the technological and - for the most part - societal level of the Warren of Caer Sidi would be comparable to A.D 1100 to A.D 1200. Please don't apply modern terminology, politics, technologies etc. to your holdfast. Examples may include: Socialism and/or Communism, Nationalism, Fascism, Imperialism... Modern Medicine, Firearms ( of any type. Even Cannons and Muskets won't be allowed in the Official RP ) and more.

  2. There is magic, but for the main functions of it it's moreso a Hard System rather than Soft, with specific ways in which it could, and can only be used... Please refer yourself to the link I sent above to the Magic Compendium if you need more information.

  3. So, unless it's ever changed in the future, for now due to balancing and to keep things level, your holdfast can't include flying creatures - to be specific, creatures that can fly for extended periods - in any capacity, such as Dragons or Gryphons. No exceptions, no ifs and no buts.

  4. You can add custom races to the setting in whatever capacity you want, but if you are to do so please bring this up to the Oracle ( Me ), any of my Clerics or Ayu, the Seasonal Queen and have ready at least a basic brief of what they are. As for races that already exist, you can find a list of them in the Beginner's Guide. But for now, basic reference is High Fantasy, so things like Humans ( Syvsians ), Elves ( Sidhé ), Dwarves, Satyrs, Merfolk, etc. etc.

  5. This one is important... The cap on the population any given new Holdfast can have is 87,500 people. You can absolutely have anything lower than that number, but anything higher is a strict no no.

  6. Your Holdfast can include no more than five, contiguous hexes, which equals out to 2,925km² altogether.

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I may, or may not add rules and guidelines later... But don't worry, I'll make sure to let anyone who might be affected know of this beforehand
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Application for a Holdfast

The potential crowds of people within the Commission part ways for your entourage as you all walk alongside and on the rich carpet and the wooden floorboards beside them towards the Magistrates, of whom, seated on their chairs behind the desks all look expectantly towards your entourage... You know why you are here, they know why you are here. Whether you have been expected or not, there are not many reasons why a group of seemingly high-importance individuals would make their address in this building...
Right then, with the introductory statements and the rules and guidelines all said and done, now you are ready to apply for a Holdfast within the Canon Roleplay! For one, we'd be happy to see you participate and always welcome new roleplayers, and as soon as procedure is down and I, Ayu and/or the Clerics have reviewed the application, you'll be accepted and your creation will be officially a part of Caer Sidi.
But, before all of that, the application process, right? Below, you will see general guide on how best to make a Holdfast application and all of the stuff you should fill in for it. I promise to you, it will be a whole lot less daunting once you start reading.

And without further ado!

1: What's the Holdfast called?
Right, the first step is pretty self-explanatory. Before we even begin with detailing who lives in your Holdfast, where it is located or how it is governed, a name should be given to it, right?
Now, if you want to elaborate on the name and perhaps describe the Etymology of it, that is all well and dandy, but that won't be necessary.

2: Where is your Holdfast located?
The second step I would want you to pursue when applying is to detail where the Holdfast is located within the Warren of Caer Sidi.
To let you know, there are a couple of stipulations as to where you can, or can't place your Holdfast... First of all, places where the Chaosium occupies ( Marked in red hexes ) or places where other Holdfasts have already claimed are not allowed to be chosen as locations where your holdfast occupies. In addition, please don't put your Holdfast in or around the Queensland peninsula ( where the Bastion, and Chail are located ) ... I'd also recommend that you refrain from putting your Holdfast in places where there are already "structures" on the map, like the depicted farmland east of Chail. The various bridges, however can be an exception to this.
Oh, and this is also important... There are many Hexes which define where your Holdfast is, and how large it is... On average, a single hex is comparable in size ( Square Kilometres/Miles ) to the city of Chicago, at 585km²... And five Hexes, which is the maximum amount of Hexes one can claim is similar in size to the County of Cheshire in England, or for a more American perspective, Yosemite National Park at 2,925km²
As for how you claim the Hexes that you want, I'm going to tell you how to do it by bullet points down below, because I think that'll be the easiest and most comprehensible way to do it... So, without dilly dallying any longer:
  • Click on this link, it'll bring you to a map of CS with the locations of established Holdfasts, Chaosium and also with "Hexes" as well

  • Copy the image into your preferred image editing software. I personally use a internet site called Kleki, but anything like Photoshop, Paint or anything else will probably work as well.

  • In whichever way you find convenient, outline 5 or less Hexes ( You will be permitted no more than five hexes, at least for now ) where you want your holdfast to be.

  • Save the image

  • Upload the image to an image hosting site of your choosing, like Imgur or Flickr... If you're having problems with using an image hosting site, do feel free to send me a personal message here or contact me on Discord.

  • Attach the uploaded image to your Holdfast Application just below the name of the holdfast. We'd prefer it to be visible, but if that is a problem just provide the link, that's okay too.
I hope that's easy enough to follow. Remember, if you're having any problems with anything here, just ask me or one of my Clerics for assistance in whichever way is most convenient to you, either by the Forums itself or Discord

Holdfast Location:
[Image: CzHBkWD.jpg]
3: Introduce your Holdfast!
So, now that we know what your Holdfast is actually called, and where it is located, now's the time to introduce what your holdfast is! Like anything of this caliber, one of the first sensible things to do is to provide a quick introduction as to what one can expect when thinking about the Holdfast. This part of your application can be pretty free-form, and all I request for this part is that you tell us about what you think is the most important parts about your Holdfast, be it the Government, what races live within it, any important points in it's history, etc. etc.

Below, I'll provide a random example of something that a Holdfast introduction could be, for reference:

The Holdfast of [ Name Here ] is a small Kingdom of predominantly Humans, with minor pockets of Sidhé Elves, Sprites, Satyr-Folk and Merfolk in the Sea nearby. [ Name Here ] can trace it's origins back to the First War against Chaosium, where [ Name Here ] was established by a sect of refugees from Syvsia which split off from the main group of the Queensland Peninsula. The Holdfast is ruled by a Monarch which has full authority over everything about [ Name Here ], and is currently ruled by King [ Generic Name ], who is known to be a kind ruler, if naïve and a little weak.
This part can be as short as you want it to, but as a brief introduction to your holdfast, I'd recommend that you keep it shorter than 400 words.
4: Define the way your Holdfast is governed
Right, this part is quite important indeed... Though a "Holdfast" is inspired mostly by the way of Vassalage during the times of Feudalism, your government does not at all have to be limited to Knights and/or Kings and Queens. As long as you keep your holdfast's government thematically in line with the setting, which may I remind you is inspired by times before Nationalism and Socialism, then you have the liberty to choose and get creative...

I think in order to help you picture how best you could structure this section of your holdfast application, I am going to provide a few questions for you down below which might help you get thinking... Feel free to follow and answer them - or not - at your leisure! But without further comment:
  1. What title is given to the person who rules your Holdfast? This could be anything from Monarch ( King/Queen/Prince/Princess ) to Commander to Lord and/or Knight to Administrator and anything else your heart desires! Just make sure it confides to the setting in place, so perhaps "Prime Minister" or "President" might not be such an appropriate title

  2. Is the ruler the sole power in your Holdfast? And if the answer is no, then who else holds power within your Holdfast and what titles may they have? Not all Holdfasts need to be absolutist, just like not all Holdfasts need to be managed by the wider community whom lives in it.

  3. Are there any specific ways in how your Holdfast administers certain things? For instance, does it hold a philosophy on how to use the money in it's coffers? Or are there any cultural quirks that affect how things are Governed? That sort of thing.

  4. Is there any additional information that you think would be important to mention on this subject? This question pretty much explains itself.
I want to stress this; you don't need to pick a rigid Government style. You've got the ability to mix and match different ways, as long as it seems appropriate for the roleplay and could be plausible.

The Holdfast of [ Name Here ] is managed by a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy, where the King or Queen has the power to make influential decisions within the Government, yet is not necessarily the final word on any and all issues. The Hereditary Monarch has to confide with a Senate of elected Senators which primarily manage [ Name Here ]'s civil and administrative duties.
5: Who, and what lives in the Holdfast?
For the 5th part in creating a Holdfast submission, you'll want to define what the population of the Holdfast that you are creating is, how it is split between ( potentially ) multiple different races and species, and if you're adding in a custom race, what they are and what we can expect from them. This part is one of, if not the most important aspect of Holdfast Founding, so be sure to take care and make sure that what information you are putting here is something that you will be happy with, and of course, what you think the Oracle or Seasonal Queen will be happy with
First of all, please give a quick overview of any and all custom races you will be interested in adding in... Similar to the Introduction you gave in step three, we are not expecting an essay of thousands or more words on what they are, but just highlight the most important qualities of them, such as their appearance, their talents and abilities, any important information on their origin or other notable points of their history, etc. etc.
As I have done before, I'll provide a quick example on how you could write something like this down below...

The [ Insert race here ] are intelligent creatures that look more similar to birds than humans, though they do share some features with the Syvsians and Sidhé, such as being bipedal. Covered from head to toe in feathers, with avian features such as a beak instead of a mouth and sharp talons at the end of their feet, where arms on a Human would be, the [ Insert race here ] have wings instead, which though allows them to catch wind and glide, are not capable of performing sustained flight... It is said that the [ Insert race here ] were always present within [ Place in Forest ] even before the founding of [ Name here ], and originally treated the Humans with hostility, but learned to live with them after years of both cooperation, and strife with one another
After you've given a brief description about any and all custom races you'd be interested in adding to your Holdfast and thus, the world of Caer Sidi at large, the next step would be to state what the total population of your Holdfast is, and then how the total population would be divisible between the various different intelligent races that exist within it.
This part would not be too hard for you to complete, I imagine. What I would suggest is first list of the population of each different race separately within your Holdfast, and then using a calculator ( or your mind if you're a smarty-pants ) add them all together, and then record the total population below all of that... Oh, and a friendly reminder that a Holdfast can't have more than 87,500 people within it

So, something like this:

The population of [ Name here ] is:

  • Syvsian ( Human ) : 31,680
  • [ Insert race here ] : 11,320
  • Merfolk: 4,300
  • Sidhé ( Elves ) : 2,150
Total Population: 49,450

5B: Military Information

The Warren is currently at war with the forces Chaos, military is something that should be considered in the making of your holdfast, please consider these questions.

Do you have a formalized military, militia, defense force, etc? What is it like? 

In peace times, what percentage (maximum 15%) of your population is part of your military or defense force/militia etc?

In times of war, what percentage (maximum of 15%) of your population is active military or defense force? If there is no formal military, what percentage of your population could reasonably be called upon to defend your holdfast?

If you have any ideas that fall outside of the questions, please talk with the clerics and Oracles, we want to hear your ideas!
6: Oh, goodie! ( The Goods of your Holdfast )

Did you like my pun?
This will be the penultimate part of your Holdfast application, but not at all the least important part... You see, to facilitate roleplay opportunity, and also to be... Well, generally realistic to the setting and it's many canonical struggles, your Holdfast can not be self-sufficient. Now, what do I mean by that in this sense? Simple! Not every Holdfast is going to have everything it needs to thrive and prosper right in it's borders... A Tundra or plains are not going to offer enough wood to live comfortably with for instance, non-fertile lands are not going to have bountiful harvests and are likely unsuitable for the production of incense or spices, and a non-mountainous area probably isn't going to have a ready supply of Gemstones or Gold.
Since your Holdfast simply isn't going to have everything it needs, this makes an "Official" Holdfast with connections to the Queensland and it's trade networks, either to it's own supply or the supply of other Holdfasts even more lucrative and important, and gives "Unofficial" Holdfasts a drawback, thus making things... Well, making things more interesting. ( By the way, I'm going to be explaining what I mean by "Official" and "Unofficial" Holdfasts toward the end of all this )

So, to facilitate these natural limitations, your Holdfast will only be able to choose from select resources and goods it can have naturally within it's borders, and in addition the goods that they can produce with these resources, depending if they... Well, have the resources to begin with, and also if they have the expertise to make something out of them.
And don't worry, your Holdfast isn't going to go hungry if Corn or Fruits etc. etc. aren't chosen as a good. If you specifically choose to take up a "slot" for one of these, it will mean you have a surplus of food, which mind you is useful for a lot of things, such as trading with it, or keeping it around so your Holdfast can support itself if under siege from enemies, be it the Chaosium or otherwise.
And in support of the system that I've discussed up until now, how you'll manage which resources are and aren't in your Holdfast will be done via a "point" system, which will help in clearly cataloguing what you have within your borders, what your civilisation is able to "tool", allow some creative freedom in what you can choose whilst also limiting the amount of goods you can have naturally. - discluding trade, of course -
Here's how it will go. So, your Holdfast has a base of eight points to use... A natural good ( what I mean by that are goods that can be extracted from your Holdfast's borders without any need to forge with it or change it via industrial/craftmanship/magical methods, so things like raw gemstones, Elwydium ( see below ), copper ore, tin ore and simple foodstuffs like fruits, corn, cattle, rye etc. etc. ) only uses a single point, whilst a processed good ( so, things that are made from natural goods with specific methods of doing so, such as clothing from wool harvested from... Well, wooly animals; marble structures from raw marble, magical reagents crafted from Elwydium, religious reagents crafted from incense, copper weaponry from raw copper ore, bronze working from tin and copper, and iron working ) will use up a total of two points for only one processed good. Only six of your eight points can be used for processed goods, and only four of your eight points can be used for natural goods respectively... Are you still following?
Right, with the semantics of this system out of the way, perhaps the next question is "what exactly can I use as either a Natural and Processed good, and what would make sense for my Holdfast?"
Well, let me start with the latter part of the question. When it comes to what "makes sense for your Holdfast", of course I would say that the geography of where you placed it would be the main driving factor of this. A mountainous Holdfast probably won't be making a surplus of food for themselves, but they'll have access to Copper, Gold, Gemstones and maybe even Tin and/or Iron. Meanwhile, one located on some flat plains will have a lot of room for Cattle and Farmland, but might struggle in procuring wood and finding any sort of ore would be quite the errand. But, and this is important, the limit to what you can choose for your Holdfast is your own creativity! If you find a way to justify a community in a Taiga having a lucrative incense gathering and trading business, then more power to you!

As for what you can use, once more your imagination is perhaps the most important factor! But, there will be some specific things relating to the setting of this Canonical Roleplay that will be important to note down, and important for you to consider. For the most part, if you can picture a society from the onset of common Iron Working to before the Renaissance and the invention of the Blast Furnace and what they had available to them, that's what your Holdfast could probably have as well.
Anyways, let's be a little more specific, shall we?

Now then, to begin with, if you remember the predominant Magical Reagent material in the past being "Mercury/Quicksilver", that is because it was! Alas, having a real world resource be applied to something like magic and a source of magical energy was really confusing and jarring, so after talking with the Seasonal Queen and the Clerics, it has been changed to a homebrew mineral known as "Elwydium".
Now, onto what Elwydium is. Well, it is a type of mineral found within the earth of the Warren that is latent with untapped magical energies, powerful yet unrefined and even dangerous in some cases, so if your Holdfast is to have Elwydium, you better hope it has a safe way to procure and handle it lest the magical energies cause any side-effects. This magical mineral - which glows faintly in many different colours - is extremely useful in the creation of Magical Reagents; which act as sources of magic for magic casters to cast from, not only increasing the potency of their potential magic in some cases but also stops their own energy being drained from the use of magic. There are potentially limitless ways to make Magical Reagent from anything magical in the world of Caer Sidi, but by choosing to have and use Elwydium, you have a common, simple and easily applicable source.
More important than making your humble abode smell nice in this instance, if you have the ability to do so, you can take Incense and make it into something called a "Religious Reagent", which will be used for all kinds of religious activity and ritualistic magic. Special types of magic connected to the great aether or other mysterious sources not so common in the Warren itself will not rely on standard Magical Reagents for a source of energy, and that's where a different source comes into use. If you're planning to bless or curse someone, or simply make your worship to the Gods and Goddesses more... Well, respectful and serious, you will need some Religious Reagent with you!

Here's some other common goods which your Holdfast could contain
  • Gypsum can be processed into Plaster, which is used for many medicinal purposes
  • Dyes are useful if you want to make things more colourful, and are great for trade!
  • Choose a Foodstuff, and your Holdfast will deal with military campaigns easier than before! Either ones protracted by yourself, or ones that you are defending against
  • Gold and Gemstones are valuable trade commodities, and can be made into even more profitable items like jewelry. And if you want a reliable currency for your Holdfast, gold is also very important for minting coins for use.
  • There are all kinds of Ores out there. Iron, Copper, Silver, Tin, you name it! Refining them into something useful is quite the process however. The most common use for any of these proves to be weaponry, but there are oh so many other uses as well.
So, with all that out of the way, here's an example of how you can handle the Goods and Services section of your Holdfast application... Oh, and here's an important part of all this that I should mention, if there's anything your Holdfast can't produce but needs, mention it in your application. Doing so will allow your Holdfast to open up trade with others, and the Queensland to trade for said things that are needed.

The Natural and Processed goods of [ Name Here ] are:
[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 7 ]
(Foodstuff) Spices = 1 point
Elwydium = 1 point
Marble = 1 point

Magical Reagents = 2 points
Marble constructs = 2 points
[ Name Here ] is renowned for their Forests of naturally growing spices, which [ Insert race here ] are known to harvest often, and make a lucrative trade with their marble mining and constructing... However, [ Name Here ] has little to no gold in their lands, a threatening prospect for the minting of new coins which they use as a currency, not to mention the general population's wishes for comfort and decency in more outstanding apparel made from wool and cotton
7: A subforum description of your Holdfast
So, for the final part of your Holdfast Application, there's just one more little thing we'd want you to do. Please summarise what you've already told us about your Holdfast in... Let's say a single paragraph, no more than 60 or so words. So, maybe something like...

[ Name Here ], founded during the times of the 1st Chaosium War, is a small but prosperous Kingdom, ruled by a monarch and senate. The sights of the lands are as varied as the people, from the Merfolk of the sea to the [ Insert Race Here ] in the Forests and the few other faeries that are under the dominion of the Kingdom
Final notices and conclusion:
Well, I hope you managed to get through all that alright! But need not worry, after I mention a few small miscellaneous points that might be important for you here, I will stop my blathering and allow you to fill out your very own Holdfast Application - with or without an application template I have ready for you - ... As for the miscellaneous points, I will quickly run through them here. So, first of all, something which I brought up quickly before and hadn't elaborated on up until now, your Holdfast can either be "Official" or "Unofficial"... What I mean by that is that you have the decision as to whether your Holdfast is actually swearing their loyalty to the Queensland by canonically submitting their request to be recognised, or you can choose to have your post here be moreso an Out-Of-Character notice for the Oracle ( that's me! ) or the Seasonal Queen to peruse over without any such application taking place in an In-Character sense. This will be useful if you want your Holdfast to be a reclusive hold that has no connection to the Queensland, or is outright hostile to the Queensland for whatever reason that may be! To put it simply, if you want your Holdfast to be "Unofficial", please make sure to make a note of it in your application somewhere that it's actually going to be unofficial so we know, alright? If you put down no such note, we will assume that your Holdfast will be an official one.
Second of all, the idea of a Holdfast is cemented in the idea of a settled community of people making their homes in a specific place, thus the "record your location on a map" idea. However, that does not mean that your civilisation can't be nomadic or otherwise more tribalistic, like Pre-Columbian civilisations of the Continental United States if that's what you want.
If you do, there's only one thing you really need to change up. If your "Holdfast" ( in quotation marks ) is Nomadic, instead of plotting a place of five or less connected hexes on the map, draw some sort of migratory line or common nomadic route for your civilisation instead. The rest can be filled out normally, but do note that you'll still be following the "Goods and Services" part.
Now then, with those two points out of the way, I'm going to provide a Holdfast Application Template for you to use ( or not use ) at your leisure, and then leave you be! Good luck on your application to the Caer Sidi Canonical Roleplay!

The Holdfast of [ Insert Name Here ]
Insert Discord username here

[ Insert Image of Holdfast Location here ]
Please introduce your Holdfast down below
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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[ OOC ]
Bear witness to the communities above, and the monsters that live below...

[ IC ]
[Image: xq6Lle0.png]

[ Page one ]⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The Land of Stars, Seals and Snow

The first page is one of which I had thus retroactively left to the opportune moment, t'was done so for the reasoning of which thine reader shalt figure immediately soon. For it shall be here that all of the information that I, in my thorough experience exploring the lands of Stars, Seals and Snow; known by the subterranean locals as Hdigimuervisk; "Home" is to be summarised and organised in quick description as assistance to thine reader going forward. T'was the lands that - guided and accompanied by fellow companions of both the great lands of the Seasonal Queen, and the fair, colourful residents of Nurali - I had braved harsh and blisteringly cold winds, skidded across icy waters warned to be infested with unknown, mythical and scary monsters and had bathed in the majesty of the lost Syv's subterranean communities camouflaged by deceptively simple bone, fur and dirt entrances above. Throughout the musings, recorded experiences, explanations and stories of which I have taken a quill and inkwell to, I now may provide the best conclusion I may muster of the first page of the notebook of which I have left empty for such a purpose... Thine reader, study below a brief on swift, but incomplete knowledge on the lands of Stars, Seals and Snow.

[ OOC ]
( Holdfast Name ) | Hdigimuervisk

[ OOC ]

Please note, whoever looks through and accepts this application that there is a distinction on occasion throughout this application when something is being said [ IC ] ( In Character ), which means that whatever detail I may have provided; usually in the form of "The First Page" of the book written called "Land of Stars, Seals and Snow" is technically in the ability for the members of the Canon RP, including other Holdfasts, the Queensland and whomever else stumbles into the information can know... Continuing, if I tell you that something is [ OOC ] ( Out of Character ), it isn't to be regarded as a part of my little roleplay I have going on, and is just to notify you all of certain things I can't at all detail in an In-Character format... Say the Natural Resources or Processed Goods sections which I'll need to fill out, accurate descriptions of population counts, or the Government Type.

I hope I've said all of this in a comprehendible sense. Now, to continue the actual application

[ OOC ]

Location of Hdigimuervisk:

[Image: Cv2trKi.png]

[ IC ]

The lands, the civilisation and leadership:

The lands of Stars, Seals and Snow proves a truly alien place, but alas it does indeed conform to elements that myself and perhaps thine reader can recognise and understand; as humble residents of the Queensland. T'was during my adventure through the boundaries of the south of our grand warren that I had came to encounter two groups. The most populous of the two had proven to be the Tapomuacicis Cfdax Hdigimuervisk, of which can be seen to translate to the Syv tongue as "Locals at Home", and the natives of the lands above, known to the former mentioned as the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut; "Unique People"... The Sinjiquaris Pinuolut, whom call thineselves "The Speaking People" in the Syv tongue are people of tribal, nomadic nature known; affectionately dare I say as crazed barbarians by the Tapomuacicis Cfdax Hdigimuervisk for indeed the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut is known to often raid and plunder the overground actions they take, most notably taking the trade; most lucratively of Magical Reagent and Elwydium from them with force and conflict. The Tapomuacicis Cfdax Hdigimuervisk however confine themselves to the subterrain in avoidance of the bitter colds above, organising their community - truly alien seeming to those used to the comforts of Chail or the Bastion - in a style not unlike a monarchy, though one of free choice and not through hereditary means. Chrtitfluut; as they are so called manage Hdigimuervisk with full powers over all in the civilisation, but may always be challenged by "contestants" through popular support or even trial by combat on the eve of the season of winter, known as Mullannchig Pianaurant.

[ OOC ]

Unless changed, the Holdfast of Hdigimuervisk currently has three different types of civilisation within it's borders... The first would be a sort of miscellaneous peoples that act as the middle man between the two other subterranean and submersed civilisations that I will be introducing with this holdfast... These people, known by the people of Hdigimuervisk simply as "Unique People" are a pseudo-nomadic group that live within the freezing tundras, settling in tribalistic communities temporarily before moving towards more fresh lands for reasons of hunting and overall survival...
The Hdigimuervisk peoples themselves live permanently within subterranean communities connected by chasms and tunnels that are either natural or hand-crafted by the sturdy Humans of which call it home; away from the bitter winds and almost constant snow above. Their society is reigned over by autocratic leaders known as the "Chrtitqqfluut" that though all-powerful; have the ability to be challenged in numerous ways in an event that takes place on the eve of the Season of Winter, known as the "Mullannchig Pianaguraerntq" or more simply and in a less alien name; Management Change.

And the third society is one that's quite illusive indeed... The submerged and often under-ice "Cnfrillduto Pinuolut", Cold People as it translates; as they are so known by those who... Well, know of them live within marble caves and the open seabed; stuck underneath the ice for a large part of the year surviving only be the Whale and other large Sea Beasts they hunt and hoard down below and Magical Reagents made from Mercury sourced either by their own hands or seemingly other mysterious ways to keep their environment warm even when surrounded by ice above. They have little structure; though what they do have is a consensus between them, and agreement between all seemingly separate "tribes" that when the time comes, they work together to preserve themselves and their way of life. Whether that be sharing the hunts, or the methods they may in place to keep themselves unthreatened by everything that would attempt to do so, a quiet and simple, yet still very much important society within the overarching lands of which the Subterranean, Tribalistic Surface Dwellers and Submersed peoples share in common with one another.

[ IC ]

In definition of the inhabitants:

T'was during my journey, alongside thine grand compatriots of the Queensland, Nurali and those willing from the great south of which I had come to encounter one a many group, race, creature and otherwise; perhaps not always through overt perception, but also through knowledge gathered by second hands. No short description on the first page may substitute the musings on subsequent pages, however I shall still do best to serve the knowledge I wish to convey with concise nature here.
Though molded by the bitter cold, a culture separate from the great and honoured cities of the Bastion and Chail, it would be overtly disrespectful to call thine members of the bitter lands of which I had the great honour to explore anything but Human; Syvsian. The aggressive and tribalistic Sinjiquaris Pinuolut and the people of Hdigimuervisk themselves are indeed as human as the residents of the fine Queensland. It would be ignorant and rude however to discredit and avoid mention of the "Hnasnetuk Nisurrdaq Pinuolut" or as thine inhabitants of more civilised lands may know them as, the Satyr-folk or the Sprites of the underground who coexist with the native Syvsians whom may call them "Timmolinvos Pinuolut", a creature and peoples more ancient to the chasms, tunnels and caverns of the underground than even the Humans themselves, though it is within thine humble documenter's opinion that their inhabitance could not have proven to exist for ages too far beyond. It would be prudent in addition to understand and know of the creatures of both rumour and fact that may call the great southern lands and waters home in addition.

The "Speaking People" for instance had given scattered, yet revered mention of the Cnfrillduto Pinuolut; "Cold People" who are rumoured to exist beneath the ice and icy waters of the south of the great sea beyond the lands the tribalistic peoples roam. They are spoken of by thine tribals to be creatures of the waters, mysterious yet intelligent like themselves and ourselves. It is communicated that any person shall be wary whilst crossing the ice or - woe be - swimming through the cold waters, for the residents below may well drag one down to the depths of the seas to never be seen again, never to be discovered. The Sinjiquaris Pinuolut chant the names of the mysterious beings in worship, that the Cold People bring life and death, survival and weakness to the lands above. To disrespect the Cnfrillduto Pinuolut or their children; the whales and seals of the seas is to forsake oneselves, for their children shall not be seen again, their bounty never available, and as a byproduct; weakness, starvation and death would follow suit.
The same tribals make use of monstrous, giant Wolves known as "Lanijes Wamlfpok" for transport, burden and hunting. Thine reader must understand that though I have seen little of them, the statement that the beasts grow to the size of the largest bears one could imagine is one of accuracy, not to mention their ferocity that rivals and surpasses any of said bears in addition. To tame a Lanijes Wamlfpok through magical or natural means takes great effort, and can be a deadly endeavor even to the masters of the south lands. An endeavor so honoured that it is considered an important rite of passage in the cultures of the Sinjiquaris Pinuolot... Stories tell of other creatures, such as ones that "were once human, before they overcame themselves with lust, greed and hunger" that now prove to be a deadly, monstrous nuisance as they prowl the tundras for signs of life, though the rumoured monsters are such creatures that I had never encountered or come to establish as anything other than terrifying rumour... There is more to speak of on this subject detailing the lands of Stars, Seals and Snow however I fear should I continue, I would begin turning the summary into novella.

[ OOC ]

There are two major intelligent races worth mentioning when it comes to the cold, southern communities of Hdigimuervisk, and a few more minor ones. The most populous of these by far are Humans - Syvsians - of whom, when escaping Syvsia all those ages ago with the Seasonal Queens and many others from the threat that eventually devoured the entire Warren, escaped the Queensland peninsula and migrated to the far south to avoid the grasp of the Chaosium instead of staying and trying to establish a home like the ancestors of most Humans within Chail and the Bastion did themselves. They live alongside Sprites, in relevance to the underground dwelling peoples of Hdigimuervisk and alongside few Satyr-Folk whom brave the cold southern, wintery climate and frequent alongside the "Sinjiquaris Pinuolut" and their nomadic ways.

The second major race within the communities of the Land of Stars, Seals and Snow live submerged in freezing-cold waters, often enough frozen over for days on end during the Winter Season. These beings, the "Cnfrillduto Pinuolut" or rather; "Cold-People" are as mysterious as they are - supposedly so - dangerous. How they came to be, and how they came to inhabit the frigid waters that the tundras of the south lie against is a mystery that little know of. Even their appearance is rumours to most... Magically adept Merfolk forced to live and sustain themselves stuck in frigid, watery conditions and hold a grudge against land-dwellers, pulling them down into the deep depths whenever they get a chance is one such rumour, and another is that they are no different from the Sea Monsters who live within the Great Seas, taking refuge from whaling in the deep south. But these are not the most common. The most common - and the most widely believed - is ( OOC: Between you and I, the truth ) that though they may have once been Merfolk, or Tritons or other sea-dwelling intelligent folk that now they take the form of monsters. Said to have faces dominated by a mouths "As wide as the portals of Aimsir" adorned with razor-sharp teeth, enough to penetrate the strong hide of whales and Sea Monsters alike. The rumour details that they have large eyes, but ones that are weak and alongside the ever-glowing light atop their heads and the seemingly constant sound of clicking that emanates from their mouths gives off an alien, and eerie indeed sight.
Alongside their powerful claws on both their front and hind legs and their ability to last potentially hours on the surface even though they don't have the ability to breathe there, the danger they can pose is quite palpable indeed.

[ OOC ]

The population numbers of those whom live within the Lands of Stars, Seals and Snow:

[ "Hdigimuervisk" Syvsians ] 16,580
[ Cnfrillduto Pinuolut ] 5,037
[ "Sinjiquaris Pinuolut" Syvsians ] 7,683
[ "Timmolinvos" Sprites ] 2,193
[ "Hnasurrdaq" Satyrs ] 1,327

Total: 32,690

[ IC ]

The land of Stars, Seals and Snow in our current time:

The adventure of which I and the companions of mine had gone on to charter the unknown and mysterious lands may now echo as memory to ourselves, yet it is no less modern of a journey than the re-introduction of thine barbarian, awful Chaosium many a day in the past. Of what I detail now is my best attempt to overview the situation of the "Homely place", Hdigimuervisk and minor mention of the few other peoples of the southern lands before I had taken leave.
Allow me to go over events of which I have noted down by importance to my own perception. Perhaps the most important event is one of which revolves around a single individual, Anuconisaq and future Chrtitfluut; Chieftain of Hdigimuervisk, or so the aspirational soul hopes. On the 200th day of Summer and the 1st day of Winter, Anuconisaq will be the main challenger to current Chrtitfluut, Tcuolugasq and shall be aiming to defeat Tcuolugasq through common support, and should it come to it, combat on the day and night of Mullannchig Pianaurant. The current Chieftain, Tcuolugasq has maintained a lax and relatively lowly rule, challenging not the raids of the Speaking People and ignoring the rumours pertaining to the Cnfrillduto Pinuolut and by proxy keeping the community of Hdigimuervisk disconnected from most of the known Warren. Of what I had become privy to, Anuconisaq plans to reverse much of what the current Chrtitfluut, and even the predecessors have performed; - or in some cases, had not performed - acting against the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut to be gone of the raids, documenting and perhaps acting in regards to mysterious Cnfrillduto Pinuolut and encouraging the civilisation to broaden horizons and begin changing "The land of the Hermits" to a more known area of the Warren.
The 200th day of Summer is almost upon us, and should Anuconisaq emerge as the new Chrtitfluut, the "Homely place" could very well change invariably. For better or worse, the future is to decide, not myself. The Speaking Peoples, the tribes of the Land of Stars, Seals and Snow continue to exist without change for the time being, and should the rumours of the Cnfrillduto be proven correct, there is no telling as to what great mysteries the monsters, and what plans; dastardly or not so they might have for the future... Like any other place in our humble Warren, the curious civilisations hugging the cold tundras of the deep south progresses with time also.

[ OOC ]

As of the 165th day of Summer, and the 98th year of the 4th Era the situation within the cold and mysterious south and the various civilisations that call it home proves to be mixed. Though the "Land of Stars, Seals and Snow" did a rather decent job at quickly reviewing the current state of the subterranean civilisation and rightfully so had little to say about the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut, this humble narrator thinks that he could explain some points further, or bring up entirely new points to explain to thine reader what they could expect of the current climate of Hdigimuervisk, and the cultures beyond... And no, we are not talking about the weather here.

The subterranean community of Hdigimuervisk, cloaked from the rest of the world by nature itself, the only hint as to their existence being the occasional wanderer, scout, trader or warrior wandering the frigid tundras above or the bone and fur entrances to the lands below currently deals with a tense situation. Though the current Chrtitfluut, - Chieftain - Tcuolugasq, whom rules with autocracy over all and without question - at least overtly - has retained power due to the agreement of the lower peoples to leave their issues and worries, grudges and support behind until that very specific, and important day of "management change", it is true to say that many are tired and upset with the "Raven" and his rule. For under him, like his previous Chrtitqfluut throughout many a year indeed there has been little progress in what matters. Traders of Elwydium from Viinerpauaq - Living Area - to Viinerpauaq continue to be captured and presumably butchered by raiders of the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut. Wanderers from Hdigimuervisk and even beyond disappear when wandering on the sheets of ice covering the water below of the great southern sea during the days of winter even still, and with the quiet murmurs of strange and horrid creatures that have been sighted towards the tundras and the lands beyond to the west of the main communities, the average person, rightfully so begin to wonder if they'll have to continue to sit back and watch lives and valuable Elwydium be handed over so easily to those who "seek the destruction of Hdigimuervisk altogether", whether they'll always remain alone in their struggles, both from the autocratic reign above and even from the lands beyond and whether they'll have to watch friends, relatives, neighbors and others wander to their peril along the coasts of the great sea.
With Tcuolugasq's non-committal attitude to dealing with any of these three points - whether justified or not - will only bring him stiff resistance to his rule come the eve of Mullannchig Pianaurant. Perhaps challenger to Tcuolugasq and "future Chrtitqfluut", Anuconisaq will be able to seize control come the 200th day of Summer, either through charisma and the support of many of Hdigimuervisk or by defeating him in a more... Physical way.
There is always more to talk about when it comes to the relatively mysterious underground-dwelling civilisation in the cold, hard south of the Caer Sidi Warren, however most eyes look towards the quickly advancing day of Mullannchig Pianaurant. Perhaps this lowly narrator will reveal more of Hdigimuervisk at a later point, but for the meantime that is all I shall speak of...

There is a very mysterious, and a deeply feared and - for the most part - respected society of intelligent life that lives in a place even more outlandish than below the cold, hard ground of the Tundras of the Land of Stars, Seals and Snow... When the great southern sea is to freeze over during the winter months, water still remains buried below the ice formed above. The bitter cold of winter can only penetrate and change so much water before the water "resists", so to speak. And in the waters below the ice that forms at intervals above would be not Syvsian, nor Sidhé. Not Satyr or Sprite. For where these mysterious and scary fae-creatures that call the southern sea home, where little except perhaps the bravest of souls dare sail and travel come from is truly unknown. If you asked the Nomads, the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut of those who live below the ice, they'd tell you that they are a legend. They'd tell you a story, of strange creatures that break through the ice to catch the unwary traveler in their claws and drag them below the ice, never to be seen again. They'd tell you that they birth whales and seals from their waters, and that should they be respected they will continue to give bounty to the land-dwellers by sacrificing the children to them, to allow them to hunt them, to make use of their blubber, their flesh, their horns and teeth and all else, for allowing any of the animal to be wasted and thrown away would be direct insult to the so-called "Cnfrillduto Pinuolut"...
Perhaps those of Hdigimuervisk would say the same. Perhaps not. There have been a few of the more civilised and non-nomadic peoples who call the subterrain their home instead of the tundras above who believe that the Cnfrillduto Pinuolut are nothing more than rumour, an excuse to blame the disappearances of kinsmen and women on when they meet their end on the cold waters of the south sea.
Perhaps there is truth to both beliefs. But if the Cnfrillduto peoples are real, the full truth of the mystery could only be revealed by them, themselves... And let's just say, they are not very talkative...

There is not much to mention when it comes to the semi-nomadic, more tribal-like peoples that wander the tundras and snow-covered hills above, the "Speaking People" as they so call themselves, or the Unique People - Sinjiquaris Pinuolut - as the people of Hdigimuervisk would call them. Their life is simple, and so are their stories.
But, they can be talked about. Many of the speaking people are not only tribalistic nomads, but "bandits" as well, if they could be labeled as such. They are often known to be the culprits of trading groups from the communities and civilisation of Hdigimuervisk being ransacked, brutalized and to be never seen by the residents underground ever again. This truth is rarely mentioned outside very specific circles, but the most observant of adventurer to the Lands of Stars, Seals and Snow may well learn that these traders of Hdigimuervisk, especially so those who deal in Quicksilver are very strangely so unguarded, despite repeated raids and losses. There are both those within the Speaking People and Hdigimuervisk whom seem to know more of these raids than the average Syv, Sprite or Satyr, but to get them to reveal anything may be another story entirely. Whether these raids on strangely undefended trading groups of "Home" have a story to tell more than potential incompetence of leadership within Hdigimuervisk is not something I shall say...
And the Speaking People, the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut may seem to know more of the mystery surrounding the... Well, mysterious fae-creatures that live underneath the ice than what is to be expected. They talk of the Cnfrillduto as legend, but these legends and myths, they put much stock in, as if they are truths in and of itself. The simple tribes of the tundras may well be more interesting and important than any traveler or kinsman or woman of the subterranean civilisation may give credit...

[ OOC ]

The Natural and Processed goods of Hdigimuervisk are:

[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]

Elwydium = 1 point
Furs and Hides = 1 point
Misc. Animal Products ( Ivory, Blubber, Fat, Bones, etc. ) = 1 point
Copper Ore = 1 point

Magical Reagents = 2 points
Copper working/smithing = 2 points

The cold, harsh tundras and snowy hills of the deep south of Caer Sidi offer... A lacking amount of amenities that many within more prosperous areas such as the Queensland itself or many another Holdfast may know very well, perhaps even take for granted. For even wood proves very rare in the challenging climate and plants do not fare much better. In their own unique ways, each of the three distinct groups that call the Land of Stars, Seals and Snow home, adaptation has occurred and in alien ways to what the more common resident of the Warren may perceive... In the chasms, tunnels and caves that the people of Hdigimuervisk call home, lit up by torches and lights given life by magical means the mining of Copper Ore is common, common enough that those who dwell in the subterrain have adapted to refining and working with the product, to make weaponry, trinkets, statues and much more out of...
The civilisation that is simply named "Home" in a more common language seldom step outside their subterranean dwellings, though when hunters, warriors and traders do, it is to... Well, hunt many a various animal, from the fox to the bear to the ever common seal, to skin their bodies for their hides and blubber and drag the meat down to their dwellings for food. But it is the Speaking Peoples; the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut whom are the best hunters. That they have to be, to live their dangerous tribalistic lives in the open bitter airs of the tundra and the hills, given no shelter by the underground. To respect the animals of which they believe truly have souls - though different - equal to their own, the "legendary" Cnfrillduto whom birth the seals and whales they make use of and the higher spirits above all they make use of everything as to not offend. From the bones which are used for constructing their temporary camps and tents, to the furs and hides used in making insulating clothes to the blubber and fat made into various oils to act as natural light where wood is a rarity, when a member of the Speaking People tribes hunt and use an animal, nothing is left behind.

But, if there is one thing that the Land of Stars, Seals and Snow are known for, it is the great amount of Elwydium that is found naturally in the earth that the snow-ridden tundras and the bitter waters hide from view. All manner of Elwydium deposits are found at relatively high rates, and all Elwydium extracted is made into Magical Reagents aplenty. This gives Hdigimuervisk and the unknown and legendary Cnfrillduto Pinuolut a society steeped in magical potential, one where waters are kept from freezing over by magics aimed to heat and insulate, one where dark caverns are lit like the sun was present with magelight, one where the dangerous creatures in the tundras and hills, no less more monstrous and threatening than the Lanijes Wamlfpok which only the Speaking People only truly know how to pacify are defeated with "bolts" of magical potential. Even the Sinjiquaris Pinuolut are known to make use of magical reagents forcibly taken from Hdigimuervisk traders, but less than expected... Where the rest of the Elwydium and reagents end up that are not used by the tribes of the tundras is left up to complete speculation...

Oh, and just a little bit of a footnote, this Holdfast most certainly is an "Unofficial" Holdfast! It does not share any connection to the Queensland as of yet, and the 1st Page of "The Lands of Stars, Seals and Snow" is moreso just an independent adventurer's writings about her own time within... Well, the lands.

[Image: tylu0RQ.png]

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The Seat of The Fleet (Wynchestir for reference):

"To whom it may concern, we The Bloody Fleet petition the Crown Estate Commission to be recognized in service to the crown. As a show of our loyakty, we are relinquishing to you our three most vicious captains, to render into your justice."

-The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh

Please introduce your Holdfast down below

The Bloody Fleet is a collection of pirate crews that is headed by the Grand Admiral and his Bosun. Whilst this is their first time contacting the Crown of Bastion, they have developed their two islands into a somewhat prospering community of pirates. 

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed

There is a council of captains, where every captain who owns a ship and heads a crew has a say. Of course, the inner circle of the heads of industry has the most influence. the Admiral has complete command of course, and is assisted by the Grand Bosun and the offices of the Scriptorium to aid the Council.

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below

More accurately termed "folk of the sea," as those who have joined the Sunken Flotilla of the Fleet are more diverse than simply mermen and sirens. All sorts of deep ones call themselves "Domhain Sochraid," or Friends in the Deep. The sea folk of the Seat have been there since before the towns there were pirate shanties and refugee slums, living far below the waves, oout of sight of the populace for generations, until one triton rose from the waves and offered friendship to Admiral Royce, who accepted heartily. Since then, those below were named "Domhain Sochraid."

Tritons, sometimes mistakenly called "sea elves", are tall humanoids that seem human enough at first glance, discounting a shimmery blue or green hue to their skin, but on closer examination one notices the slightly bulging eyes, the fin-shaped ears, webbed digits, and thin slits just below the jawline. They are the majority of the population of the Curia Sub Mare, their own name for the people of the the deep. Their traditions are steeped in honor and arrogance, and it is fully expected that a triton will die before submitting to shame. Their heroes include many who have put themselves in and through great harm to ensure honor and safety of the Curia. They even devote themeselves to a warrior spirit Praelitius, whose name literally translates to "warrior." This worship and devotion comes in the form of never backing down from a duel, and, if insulted, to seek recompense through combat. This bloody-minded arogance and sense of honor can make those unaware of a Triton's sensibilities shocked at the lengths they will go.

Piscinae, called "fishmen" behind their backs, are just that. Humanoid fishes, sharks, and occasionally crustaceans or even cephalopods also populate the depths. They are much less seen than tritons or other merfolk, but they are valued in crews, as they value the families for and on board ships with their lives. "Trust a Piscina with your life, and they shall save you from Donne and Eth better than Gaul ever will."

While not seen on land often, they are nonetheless a help to the crews. The seas are their home, and their wisdom has guided many bountiful fishing trips, explorations, and even leviathan hunts. When ships are wrecked or scuttled, the sea folk are their to rescue the sailors, and later reclaim the ships from the deep. Many lost ships have been reclaimed in this manor, either as new ships or housing for crewmembers that have retired or starting family.

The Curia Sub Mare governs those below the waves surrounding the seat, and although it is customary that only tritons hold seats in their senate, as they have for many generations, the piscinae, sirens, and mermen often hold seats pf their own. It was their senator Nereus Lentinus Audax who first made the Curia known to the Council, and they often act in tandem, with members of the Curia sitting in on Council meetings, and captains like the triton Lentinus or the piscina Mare Dives sitting in on senate meetings. 

The population of The Bloody Fleet is:
  • Sea Folk (Tritons, Piscinae, Merfolk)= 10,000
  • Dwarves = 5,000
  • Syvisans = 30,000
  • Sidhe = 9,000
  • Miscellaneous folk (Satyrs, fair folk, etc.) = 1,000

55,000 souls [/table]
The Natural and Processed goods of The Fleet are:
[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]
Arcane Reagents from Sea Beasts= 1 point
Iron ore= 1 point
Miscellaneous goods from Sea Beasts (Hides, dyes, = 1 point
 Alcoholic ingredients= 1 point

Iron smithing and metalworking= 2 points
Alcoholic distillery (Rum and grain alcohol) = 2 points

Please summarise the status of natural and processed goods, and describe what your Holdfast lacks here:

The Bloody Fleet has two main industries, smithing and distilling. Uriel Steelbeard and his ring of foundries both dug into the land and towering above the surroundings creating weapons and armor to equip the sailors, as well as weapons and armor to be sold to others who desire fine quality, if mundane, weapons. The second industry of brewing alcohol is another priority of the Fleet, beginning with brewing alcohol from fish to actually growing their own cane sugar and grain to create more palatable drinks of rum and ship's drink.

The Fleet desires, nay, requires gold in any form, and other fineries, such as silks, marble, and other symbols of wealth and luxury.


The Grand Bosun, Parcival MacDonnaugh, Voice of the Grand Admiral and Master of the merchant fleet

The Holdfast of The Sunflower Clan
[Image: iwBVMRN.jpg]
"The most cheerful Emperor, Lord Kohaku the first wishes it be known that he wishes to... *ahem*... make friends and play games. With the people of our most esteemed host region Caer Sidi"
-Oscar, voice of the Emperor.

[ Insert Image of Holdfast Location here ]
[Image: 2B9hT5d.jpg]

"hello friends! Our island has appeared on the map about here" *points* "well, its not much of an island anymore, its kinda in the middle of the land. maybe it's and INland instead of an ISland."
-Kohaku, the child Emperor

Please introduce your Holdfast down below:

The story of the nation-state known officially as "The Eternal Island of Sunny Flowers" has been long and arduous. From it's creation, it was meant to be a prison dimension for anything deemed unworthy by it's creator. However, recent political upheaval has since weakened this prison. In fact, this pocket dimension has completely shattered and been re-deposited into the world at large. The wizard-warden however, has bigger problems that a loose dimension on his hands. Over the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years that have passed in this dimension, much has happened. A culture had developed after a critical mass of populace had been imprisoned. Led by the most populous of prisoners, the Kitsune, the culture developed a stuffy and overbearing governmental entity. While it's Asian influence can be felt, it is not the only note within what was a sprawling island metropolis. After a group of concerned citizen/adventurers had toppled the government, the most powerful and completely naïve child had been placed on the throne. While his level of compassion for his people is unmatched, he has no idea how to run a government.
    The Island (as most of inhabitants had called it) Having broken free of it's confines, has now been violently transported from another plane and merged with the material plane of this new region calling itself Caer Sidi.

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed:
    Having had a recent revolution, the new government is still trying to find itself. Turbulence abounds as most of the tribal/feudal heirarcy has fallen in the last few seasons. At this time, a boy with a heart of gold sits upon the throne. Directing as he sees fit, while whomsoever is left tries to align his ideals with the practicality of running a functioning government. Citizens have taken part in various artisan crafts and clan lines have been drawn along production paths. Notable clans include Orange leaf, purple crystal, and the more recent cold nose society. Upon the revolt, the emperor immediately declared all members of the island to be members of the Sunflower clan. Though many still hold to prior affiliations.

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below:
    Anthropomorphic humanoids of every species of animal have been found accross the island. A sketch has been provided of one of our felid citizens for reference.
[Image: 1606679223.fatiguethecat_kimono_fatigue.jpg]
(by fatiguethecat on

the entire population of the sunflower clan is comprised of these animal hybrids. They amount to approx. 35000 and have always called themselves people, for they had no thought that there was anything else.

The population of [The sunflower clan ] is:

    [ kemonomimi] = [ 35000]

[ 35000]

The Natural and Processed goods of [The sunflower clan] are:

[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 7 ]

[ Obsidian ] = 1 point
[ hot springs] = 1 point
[squabs] = 1 point

[ Glassworks] = 2 points
[ Artisan workforce ] = 2 points

Please summarise the status of natural and processed goods, and describe what your Holdfast lacks here

At the heart of the sunflower clan has always been a great volcano. It's heat and ash has fertilized the surrounding area for many generations. Agriculturally, it is able to sustain it's populace and not much more. Great care has been taken by the wheat clan to ensure that the entire populace is able to eat, perhaps not to their fill, but starvation has not been a problem for as long as anyone can remember. The great mount also feeds various natural hot springs dotted around the land. Most, if not all, have been transformed into public baths by varying families.
    No citizen quite knows where squabs came from. But, they are some sort of pidgeon, goose thing. Tasty as chicken, big as a turkey, and twice as stupid as either of them combined. Some say it was a gift from the gods, the perfect food source. They do fatten up nice and are easy to take care of, so nobody is really complaining.
   The glassworks surrounding the great mountain have been turning out dinnerware and decorations for generations. And, up until recently, had been in charge of the local currency. (made of glass beads). The revolution has shaken some things up, but the glaziers are very fond of the young prince. They said they were overworked anyways, so its nice to get back to doing something fun.
    Having very little space and resources has made the populace pursue quality over quantity. Some of the best craftspeople exist in the clan (not that they'd know it). Having so many skilled hands and no raw materials has put a damper on many industries. But, mark their word, they can make the best darn spade under the great blue sky.
    Being isolated for possible millenia will tend to make a few quirks. The island is full of them. Bespoke crafts, foods, dances, and clothing are all overwhelming for a new traveller, so we suggest to take it slow.
    The island had only been lacking for space until very recently. Now that space is not at a premium, almost every basic resource is lacking due to the demand for expansion. The wood clan can only chop and mill so many trees. The wheat clan can only feed so many mouths. And, the prior demand for tools has skyrocketed. Having a mine that regenerates its metals was enough for the island, but now with that magic dead and with no natural reserves of metals, the populace has resorted to obsidian tools for the time being.

The Holdfast of Cóstalon

[Image: jcR7c4Fl.jpg]


Cóstalon is a new holdfast, founded by Clóibhín Càirde, a cabal of clannish warlocks in the service of Roran Moreaux. They were once a mere loose collection of friends studying the many twisting and varied branches of magic, but the construction of Broscilliad changed that. The Broscilliad is one part monumental academy dedicated to the sharing and consolidation of arcane knowledge, and one part great temple to the many faiths deeply intertwined with sorcerous rights. The combination of tradesmen needed to build the massive pyramid, the farmers needed to feed them, the sailors needed to transport them, and the students and scholars drawn to it's purpose, created enough of a population to birth a small city, and in time, a much larger one as both Clóibhín Càirde and their subjects grew in number. These days the Isle of Cóstalon hosts the Broscilliad Lyceum, a complete pyramid in the Silver Strait, and the city of Caolascuin, as well as a smattering of minor fishing, farming, and logging villages across the island.


Executive power rests solely in the hands of Clóibhín Càirde, with Roran Moreaux at their head as Consul. He is also the official Count of the Isle of Cóstalon and Curator of the Broscilliad Lyceum. Members of Clóibhín Càirde’s elite are called Cardinals, and are tasked with handling all matters spiritual or arcane in nature, but they also tend to have their influence felt in other branches of government, supposedly to come up with magical solutions to the mundane problems citizens of the Isle face every day. Said citizenry are charged with the day to day administrative branches of government, their leaders called Counselors of their various subdivisions. The judicial parts of government are mixed between both factions, being either a Cardinal or Counselor but unofficially they are called Correctors. Internal conflicts are handled by the Counselor of Arms, whilst external conflict is handled by the Cardinal of War.


Fynnoderes are presumed to be a kind of fae, though the truth of it cannot be known due to their complete disregard of their own history and culture. They are absurdly clever and quick, their entire species leaping from illiterate cavemen to professional virtuosos in the span of a generation. Prior to their discovery on the Isle of Cóstalon half a century ago, the Fynnodere people dwelled in seaside caverns and mountain gorges, utterly incapable of magic and lacking anything resembling skill of any kind, and now they rival every craftsmen or sorcerer to ever step foot on the island. It is a trait shared by all their species; to be fast learners and poor teachers, as they are too eager, twice as impatient, and entirely practical in their manner. As for their looks, they are shorter than Syvisan and Sídhe alike, with a youthful stature akin to Halflings, with a more Goblinoid coloring, ranging from vibrant greens to soft browns and honeyed golds. Most of their hair is atop their heads, like many other species, but Fynnoderes are also covered in a thin layer of soft fur coming in those same shades of browns, blacks, golds, and greens. They are incapable of growing their hair long however, reaching only shoulder length at best, and perhaps a noticeable beard, but there is no chance they will ever rival a Dwarf, or even a Syvisan. Fynnoderes have only one sex and gender, typically equated to males of other species, and an unusual life cycle wherein they age and then shrivel into a wrinkled baby and mature all over again as an entirely new person. The total lack of natural reproduction in their life cycle has kept their population from growing for the entirety of their time in isolation on Cóstalon, but the recent influx of new sapient species have allowed them to grow their numbers for the first time in recorded memory, as the child of a Fynnodere and any other species results in a mostly full-blooded Fynnodere.

Glasteyrns are a brand new species to Caer Sidi, birthed in the very halls of the Broscilliad entirely by magic. They are created from members of Clóibhín Càirde, not born. Some debate whether they are truly a separate species at all, but they consider themselves to be so and are usually highly ranked within Cóstalon’s government, which is enough for them to be noted down as such in all the Holdfast’s records. Glasteyrns shroud themselves in illusionary magic, making it so their actual physical appearance is masked behind either a guise of their old one or something completely new and different. When the illusions are dropped they tend to have little in common with one another aside from an odd luminescence to their skin, eyes, and hair, which are usually changed to some unusual color as well, the most common of which are white, blue, and green. They typically resemble their old selves in shape, and given Clóibhín Càirde is made up of sorcerers from all across the Warren that base is already quite diverse, but the ritual that changes them always adds something extra based on their chosen reagents, leaving them with distinctly bestial, floral, or elemental influences on their appearance and diet. A minor change from an auroch-based ritual could leave someone with cow ears, horns, and hooves, while a major change would as good as create a genuine minotaur. Glasteyrn rituals are highly complicated workings, taking years to design and prepare, and as such are highly customizable and can be used to completely redesign one’s physical form to their liking in ways impossible to sustain without magic. Lesser versions of the ritual have been used for sex changes and congenital cures, and current studies posit the chance of using it to change species completely rather than the halfway corruption Clóibhín Càirde use it for. However, these smaller, standardized rituals used by healers do not result in a new member of the Glasteyrn species like the more personal and advanced workings of Cardinals do.

The population of Cóstalon is:
  • Syvisan = [ 9,421 ]
  • Sídhe = [ 2,879 ]
  • Fynnodere = [ 1,544 ]
  • Glasteyrn = [ 81 ]
  • Miscellaneous = [ 1,217 ]

[ 15,142 ]

The Natural and Processed goods of Cóstalon are:

[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]

Jade = 1 point
Olives = 1 point
Pearls = 1 point
Rice = 1 point

Glass = 2 points
Reagents = 2 points


Cóstalon is a hilly island, with what could generously be called a mountain at its centermost point. Tiered farms line the isle’s slopes and inclines, while paddies span across the flatlands, the majority of these farms filled with rice brought over by Syvisan colonists. Mines spring up in forest clearings and along river beds as prospectors find collections of jade jewels just beneath the surface. On the drier plains surrounding Caolascuin orchards of olive trees are tended to by the city’s denizens, and divers plumb the nearby reefs to wrestle pearls from giant clams. In the city itself much of the glassworks that went towards the Broscilliad continue to churn out products for sale abroad, shipped out alongside the arcane reagents crafted in excess by the Lyceum's warlocks. What the island lacks however, is metal. There are few deposits of even soft metals like copper, silver, or gold, but a total absence of harder metals like iron. Chefs and clerics alike hunger for a large variety of organic supplies as well, from blood and bones to fruits and flowers and everything in-between. Last and greatest of the Holdfast's demand is for arcane resources used in the many rituals and experiments undertaken every day within the pyramid, and which go in to fueling their production of their myriad reagents.
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The Holdfast of Malysians 2

[[Image: 9MO1lpS.jpg] ]

Please introduce your Holdfast down below

Up in the northern mountains of Caer a small tribe of 10,000 lived in the ice cold tops, they call themself the Malys and there was another tribe of 8,000 close to them but much downward of them called themself the Malichs. Malys and Malichs were a brother species of humans but more used to the cold, much lighter skin, and more noise sensitive than humans but there were differences a Malich was taller stronger, and had more brute force than Malys who were smaller and mand more agile, and smarter causing a difference and hate between them. Malichs would raid Malys and Malys would raid Malichs this would go on for many years until a half-Maly half-Malich appeared and was dedicated to uniting both of his tribes. He presented similarities between them of how light their skin was how similar their nose and mouths had and more causing a more "Yea I dislike this guy but he is just like me" scenario. Soon both tribes united into one calling themself The Malysians.
A huge animal gammon hit the village causing them to migrate down the mountains close to the coast but still close to the mountains and forests. They were mostly isolated not letting much leave the walls of Malysia only letting hunters leave to hunt for animals like wolves wild cows and others. Along with hunting, Malysians developed ships helping them fish and go around the rest of the world.

At the moment Malysia is looking for an Allie similar to it in case of war.

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed

The holdfast has 2 prominent rulers Master of the Malys and Master of Malichs each representing their race in the government and is there to satisfy both their race and everyone else in Malysia. The way Malysians keep their economy working is by stating " Emperadors" who keep an eye on each industry of the economy if there's a Fishing Emperador clothing Emperador agriculture Emperador etc. One of the most powerful Emperador is the General commander as their job is to keep the military working and alive without them the military will be less professional and incompetent.

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below

As mentioned before two races that are brother species of Humans live in Malysia Malys and Malichs they have many similarities but make their differences stand out more. Malichs are taller and stronger than Malys as they originated from strong hunters from the snowy tops. Malys are the opposite smaller and more agile and originated from masterful hunters who used traps and weapons to hunt.

The population of [ Malysians ] is:

[ Malichs ] = [ 24,007 ]
[ Malys ] = [ 26,000 ]

[ 50,007 ]
The Natural and Processed goods of [ Malysians ] are:

[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]

[ Type of ( cow milk ) good ] = 1 point
[ Type of ( cotton ) good ] = 1 point
[ Type of ( Fish ) good ] = 1 point
[Type of (raw iron and metal ores) ] = 1 point

[ Type of ( iron and metal ) good ] = 2 points
[ Type of ( Cheese ) good ] = 2 points

Please summarise the status of natural and processed goods, and describe what your Holdfast lacks here

Malysia has a huge natural source of ores majority of iron and metal both enriching the people and developing some buildings in Malysia these ores are mined near the bottom of the mountains of Malysia where they get all of their ores then moved to blacksmiths where they store it until someone decides to order what they need including the government went it needs armor or weapons. Malysia isn't the WARMEST Holdfast but near them are a few natural cotton plants which were tacking and brought back closer to Malysia creating a small bulge in the walls where a cotton plantation is located. As mentioned before Maly and Malich's hunters go out of Malysia's holdfast to hunt for animals one of these was wild cows some hunters brought them back to Malysia after a while of what the hell to do with them they decided to use them for meat. They soon found more wild cows and began breeding them, a farmer one day saw a baby cow sucking on its mother's tit and feeding the baby the farmer's grim curiosity caused them to taste the cow's milk it tasted good so the farmer's milk the many cows he owns. The next day looking for his milk to sell he found the milk was drunk by something and what was left was some sort of creamy milk and clumps of something white. The Farmer decided to taste it it was the most delicious thing he had eaten that day and started to sell it to the common malysian people in the cities. Soon he created a new product named after him "Chessar" but many people misunderstood and called it "Cheese". The cheese was created in Malysia and soon became the 1 biggest industry in Malysia a law was stated in Malysia that says "If a hunter finds a cow he must not kill it and instead bring it back to Malysia which it will be bought by the Farming and Cattle Emperador". As Malysian got smarter they soon figure out how to make boats by carving trees and soon figured out how to fish making as fishing grew they started to make bigger and bigger boats for more numerous people to fish at once fishing soon became the third biggest industry in the economy behind mining but still not big enough to support the masses along with the other sources of food.

Malysia (probably) compared to other countries need to keep the population low as a few mathematics realized if they go above 60,000 citizens a famine will occur from low food production. As Malysia is located in a cold area natural fruits and animals are uncommon or even rare making Malysia depend on a good hunter to keep bringing food back Fishers bring enough fish daily or Increase exports to buy food change of ores or cotton. Clothing Malysia is very strange Cotton is the dominant clothing choice along with cow skin so instead of people wearing wool or leather boots people would be wearing giant coats made of cotton and wearing clothing off cow skin (including shoes)

Note: Malysians dislike outsiders because if they bring leather or lots of meat on them it makes them seem like " Look at me I am richer than you" so expect to get followed by guards for protection or get nasty looks in Malysia. Also, wolves were seen as a symbol of bad luck as they were the main reason why babies would go missing in the tribe ages. If you wear or have wolf-related features people would feel threatened and fearful of your presence still high ranking people and soldiers won't see you as bad luck just another person.
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The Holdfast of Venturian's First Tear

[Image: C1ekVmk.png]

[Image: 8RJlJdw.jpg]

Ye Seasonal Queens who reign over Caer Sidis, take note of these words:
We, the Alvirs, have made these mountains, covered by the perpetual blanket of snow, our abode and stronghold since the dawn of time and from here we record the history already forgotten by many, and we will do so until our last breath, until the last beat resounds in our hearts.
Don't take us for naive, but don't take us for malicious either, we are like the indigo eagle that flies over our house: gentle with friends and implacable with enemies.

Our city is named after the noble ancestor of our race, Venturian, the Bringer of Frost, long gone with his dragon brethren.
We are surrounded by high walls, so white that they seem to glow even during a blizzard, even if much of what once boasted opulent glory has become cemeteries and ruins where evil lurks and the dead roam in eternal suffering.
Our forges burn day and night, our skill in the art of creating magical artifacts is unparalleled, and our hammer is unerring.
As the sun rises day after day, we fight the abominations created by the miasma, that rise from the tomb of Karmadul, The Cursed, and contaminate the mountain beasts, our blood welling up for our pride and the sake of Caer Sidi. 

So that our descendants can see the light of tomorrow, the most venerable elders of the city form a council and jointly rule our people for ten years, when a new council is formed.
Even after the end of their duty, elders carry the title of Sages with them.
Every year at the end of the Festival of the Firmament, they renew their vows before the citizens and mark the Stele of Promise with their blood so that the flame of hope is kept alive, and they do not fall into the ruse of evil and corruption.

About us

We, the Alvir, or snow elves, as the outsiders call us, were created from the icy breath of Venturian, that we might endure the biting cold, though the heat drains our strength; our hair is white and soft, like the silk of the weaver spider, our eyes are the color of amber and perfect for the dark of the long winter, our arms are covered in delicate jade scales.
As a race we are united, and we value family and friends.
For us loyalty, honor, friendship and courage are inalienable virtues. We love good food and good wine, we call a good host a brother.

The numbers of Venturian
  • 55.570 Alvir
  • 2.520   Humans
    To this day, Venturian holds 58,090 souls. 

The goods of Venturian

Natural goods
  • Moonlight Silver (resource for magical reagent) = 1 point
  • Gold                                     = 1 point
  • Iron Ore                               = 1 point
  • Gems                                   = 1 point
Processed goods
  • Metalworking = 2 points
  • Magical Reagents = 2 points

The frigid mountain air has long punished us, limiting our livestock and crops. So we have lived on the blessings that the mountain gives us: from the gold that moves the world's gears to moonlight silver, similar to what the peoples of the plains know as mercury, whose quality as a magical reagent allows us to create magical items, which we trade with the people of the plains in exchange for supplies. From time to time, the land presents us with good quality gems, as if the Venturian spirit still watches over us.
Darkness constantly knocks at our doors and there is little time to unravel the mysteries of the arcane, but in these difficult times our masterpiece flourishes, in the runes we deposit our effort, each rune carries with it the intention of its forger and, being engraved with the moonlight silver, those inexperienced can wield the power needed to overwhelm their enemies if able to satisfy the runes' thirst for mana, that will slowly destroy them, rendering them useless.
You will notice on the seal of this parchment the rune so that only Your Majesty can read these words.

Final considerations

We swear by our future to never kneel before anyone but our patriarch Venturian, but we await your consideration, sending this unofficial application so that our bonds become strong, so that we survive the dark cloak that will once again be thrown over us.
May the mighty winter bring upon you a fruitful spring.
Sincerely Balvuir il Kanul, chief scribe on behalf of the Council of Venturian's Last Tear

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The Holdfast of Cóstalon

[Image: qJXcEK9.png]

[Image: 05oDl72.png]

Roran, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

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The Holdfast of Malysians

[Image: qJXcEK9.png]

[Image: 05oDl72.png]

Emperor Elios, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

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(08-18-2022, 04:49 PM)CrownClown Wrote:  
The Holdfast of Venturian's First Tear

CrownClown, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

You might have also noticed that your application has not got the usual fancy envelope and letter part in response, and that's for a reason. Because you highlighted that your Holdfast isn't to swear loyalty to the Queensland and be brought under vassalage and that this is more simply an "Unofficial" application just to get your little slice of community on our radar, onto the map etc. etc, it would not make sense to get an official response either. Know that unless you change it up, your Holdfast and people don't swear any loyalties to the Queensland, but are also unable to call for any aid or major trade from the Queensland either; at least in an official capacity.
Alright? Alright! Let's continue!

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

[Image: tylu0RQ.png]

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The Holdfast of Kingdom of Niveusmont
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Located in the southwestern part of the Caer Sidi region home to the mountainous ranges of Niveusont, to say they are just another mountain range is a gross understatement for they can reach to the heavens to where their gods reside. If not for the mighty mountains it is the rich history of the Kingdom of Nivesmont and its vigorous people that call this place their homeland for centuries. Ruled by Filip Budzik III Rumus the king of the Kingdom of Niveusmont, ruler of over 200 clans that reside in the kingdom itself his task to bring peace and prosperity is a hard one if not almost impossible. To appease the lords and all the clan's whit in them is a tedious process which isn't an easy one for the side with one side the others take offense if no they doubt his leadership and yet we haven't spoken of the clans that reside in the kingdom how each and one of them swore their allegiances to the different lord with all of their varying opinions on the matter that the kingdom is heading to. After brutal 100 years of rebellions and struggle for power King Filip Budzik III Rumus last wish is for new conflict to sprout in his kingdom dus setting his gaze towards the Queensland. The goal is clearly applying to become a holdfast in order to ensure the stability of his region. In turn, hell uses the riches of his country to distribute to the surrounding area in order to grow the kingdom's wealth, a risky political move but for the sake of the kingdom it must be done.
 Kingdom of Niveusmont Government 

=#fefbf2The system of government in the Kingdom of Niveusmont on paper is that of a feudal government style where the king has absolute power and say in the matter followed by lords who are second in command then the third are the chiefs of clans that are ruled by the lords who oversee the development in their given sectors.  Although the king does have a final say in the matter the lords are always present in the process of making decisions with the king and do have some level of autonomy even their own armies which are connected all together by loose threads and knowledge of mutual destruction. As harsh as things may seem at first in the government it is run well enough to work for now although the future is uncertain.

Jonsebjorn seems to be a mammalian creature that resembles of a hybrid between a Bears and Hyenas with a body that primitively resembles that of a human size they can reach but to some accounts they can be seen up to 8ft and well over 600 pounds in weight. Covered in almost pure white fur these creatures are intelligent that can rival that of a human with their powerful body they were noted to be just if not more fierce than any beast that resides in the Niveusont mountains. Although what should be noted is what they show with their might lack in their ability to reproduce fast enough as a warrior society they tend to go to battles quite often not to even mention their mobility in which case they are as agile as a fish on land.Although it should be noted not to underestimate them for they are worthy of the foe as any other out there and should be treated as such for if you don't want to be their enemy. 
The people are unsure where they were from as they seem like they are at home unbothered by the harsh conditions of the mountains yet they seem so alien in these places, although they can the earliest record that matches the description of these creatures seems to the first wave of marauders that came to these lands that came to plague the people of the early days. But what's is past is in the past and the number of Jonsebjorn has dwindled over the years as the constant fighting always dragged them in the war with the humans willingly or by force, now only a handful exit and that's only in 2 regions that be either in Sagarious Clan or the Nomos clan. 

The population of Kingdom of Niveusmont is:
  • [ Sagarius  ] = [ 5,000 ]
  • [ Castranix ] = [ 6,800]
  • [ Jacullis ] = [ 11,100 ]
  • [Saltues] = [ 14,500]
  • [ Estmarene ] = [ 15,000]
  • [ Ashentia] = [ 14,500 ]
  • [ Nomos] = [ 10,500]
  • [ Jonsebjorn ] = [ 250 ]
  • [Dwarves ] = [ 2,000 ]
  • [ Satyrs ] = [ 2,000 ]
  • [Sidhé] = [2,650 ]
[ 84,300 ]
The Natural and Processed goods of Kingdom of Niveusmont are:
[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8]
[ Gold ] = 1 point
[ Iron ] = 1 point
[ Giant Elk ( animal product)] = 1 point
[ Giant Elk (animals) ] = 1 point
 [ Iron smithing ] = 2 points
[ Stonework ] = 2 points

The Kingdom of Niveusmont is covered with a mighty forest of pine trees in which beast of tales reside in these creatures can be tall as the pine trees himself some more than other yet as they live in these terrains the people of Niveusmont has learned methods of hunting them and taming very few of roles to fulfill certain rolls be it a beast of war or beast of burden. It must not be understated the hardship to tame these best and the time required thus very f them of have been tamed but for those who are tamed are valued more than anything in this world. The meat can sustain generations to come, the hide can be used for many purposes armor, decorations, or anything that you can imagine. Due to the mountainous terrain, iron ore is plentiful, and thus the people manage to harvest huge quantities of it and utilize it to their advantage making decent weaponry and armor noted the rocks that exist in the mountains have been utilized to great use for housing, walls, fortifications, bridges, castles.

(10-10-2022, 09:05 PM)Hassan Wrote:   
The Holdfast of Kingdom of Niveusmont
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Hassan, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay! will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

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