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The Holdfast of Amaraun Saraven

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Please introduce your Holdfast down below:

The Amaraun Saraven, or Collective Unity of the Saraveni, is the long home of the Saraveni people, a group of Caer Sidian Fae natives, who evolved up in their mountains, and down on their lake. The Amaraun Saraven is a peaceful place, but they are no strangers to conflict, being precariously close to Aimsir, which the Saraveni people once worshiped, and now holds a certain stigma.

Visitors are always welcome in Saraven, as the Saraveni are a sociable race, but hardly naive. They know not everyone is as pure in heart as they may appear, and so naturally, some places are simply forbidden to visitors, to keep the Saraveni people as a whole safe.

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed:

Saraven is ruled by an Esh'Getahr, "The Royal," who could be equated to a King, or Lord. They are the sole ruler of Saraven, and the title is hereditary, passing down from one Esh'Getahr to the next along male lineage typically, but will pass to daughters if no son is present to inherit it. Though the Esh'Getahr has absolute power in Saraven's borders, they typically exercise that power rarely, and instead usually choose to use a High Council of subordinates to carry out their will across the holdfast. Though there have been times in the history of the Saraveni people, when the Esh'Getahr was more autocratic than their predecessors, though they are typically followed by a reformist, who undoes their tyranny, and the status quo returns for several generations, before another rises. This cycle repeats itself every few centuries.

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below:

The Saraveni. As fae are as diverse, as they are numerous, the Saraveni are a unique bunch, having developed mostly in isolation, they have a unique language, and culture, but as always, a unique appearance. With rich dark green skin, black-green hair, and blue-white eyes, which allow them to blend into their environment and hide from predators and opponents. They are also slightly taller, roughly 1,2 times the size of a typical Syvisan. They have incredibly developed senses of sight, and smell, but have virtually no sense of touch, beyond the tugging sensation of physical contact. Texture is beyond them. They also have no sense of taste of any sort, and their hearing is average.

Additional Unique features are their unique four-six digit base, rather than the five digit base of Syvisans. Where Syvisans have four fingers and thumb, and five toes on each hand and foot, respectively, Saraveni have two fingers and two thumbs on each hand, and six finger-like toes on each foot. This grants the Saraveni a unique capacitance to hang from objects with ease upside down, and the Saraveni are renowned for their incredible skill as climbers.
As a cultural aspect of their biology, the Saraveni do not in fact, wear foot coverings, and so their feet are hardened by daily life. Saraveni become incredibly agitated when forced to wear shoes, or even socks for that matter.

Lastly, the Saraveni are herbivores, and uniquely have a level of capacitance for photosynthesis, and they seem to respond strangely to things unseen by other races. They are also particularly susceptible to fire and poisons.

The population of Saraven is:

[ Saraveni ] = [ 82.301 ]

82.301 Individuals

Military Information:

The Saraveni have never been a mobilised war machine of a people. In fact, that very state is counter to their basic existence. The Saraveni hold life in high regard, but know that not all life is equally pure, and some life, like the Chaolich, and it's underlings, are fundamentally evil, and must be stood against. As such, the Saraveni maintain a small militia of sorts, known as the Atairo Uladar. Or Defence Army, in common parlance, though not an entirely accurate translation. A collection of Rangers, and Mages, they protect the Holdfast from all threats, but are no codified military organisation, and is broken out into twelve distinct groups, some ranging in size from a few hundred, a couple with a few thousand members, and some as few as only a handful of dozens.

The combined leaders of the various groups of the Atairo Uladar are known as the Green Council, and could be equated to a council of Generals. Each of them hold the title of Kireltaas, which can be translated as "General", but is simply one word of many that means "Leader." Each Kireltaas has certain preferences, and strategies, and requirements of those they command. Some Kireltaas favour the Rangers, others favour the Mages. Some favour the forests, others open fields, and some hills and cliffs.

Their unifying traits however, are a love of home, and devotion to it's protection. And even though they lack the coordination of a proper military, they make up for it with unconventional tactics, guerrilla warfare, and avoiding pitched battles as best they can.

[ Total Troops ] = [ 7.135 ]
[ Population % ] = [ ~8,669% ]

The Natural and Processed goods of Saraven are:

[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]

[ Foodstuff: Grain ] = 1 point
[ Komari Trees ] = 1 point
[ Elwydium ] = 1 point
[ Foodstuff: Vegetables ] = 1 point

[ Komari Syrup ] = 2 points
[ Magical Reagents ] = 2 points

Status of natural and processed goods:

Grains and Vegetables are grown, and crop rotations keep farmland healthy and usable. Though the science of it is not understood, it has long been understood that a lack of crop rotation leads to the soil dying, and plants refusing to grow. Every three seasons, a crop is grown specifically to be burned, for the offering of a crop through fire and ashes is thought to please Kalije, the Goddess of the Harvest, in Saraveni belief, and so she will bless further seasons with greater bounty.

Elwydium permeates the lands under the Saraveni capital city of Korakim, spreading outward like tendrils of a web from a large vein of Elwydiun, known as the Hataire, or "Hearth." It acts as both a religious centre, as a direct way to commune with Makashi, the God of Magic in Saraveni belief, and as a literal source of power and life in Saraven, protected by Saraven's most capable warriors, priests, and mages. The Hataire offers the capital city of Korakim a certain level of protection, as the magic can be directed to shield the city for a time, from attack. This defence has only ever been needed once before, during the Chaosium Wars, those centuries ago.

Status of necessary goods:

Saraven however, lacks a crucial set of materials. Wood, and other materials for construction, including glass, metals, and stones. The Saraveni population refuse to cut down their trees on cultural and religious grounds, and digging up the earth beyond certain restrictions is forbidden, for fear of bringing the Ire of Ko’Alt, the Wolf God, and so they require construction materials procured from outside of Saraven.

Please give a very brief (a sentence or two) overview of the Holdfast:

The Amaraun Saraven is a longstanding holdfast, and one of the very first to have pledged allegiance to the Seasonal Monarchy when they declared victory of the Chaolich and Chaosium those centuries ago. The Saraveni have always been Monarchy loyalists. With three mesas extending out from a cliff face, access to the river and lake, and a forest, the farmland is what Saraveni is most famous for. Tranquil, and yet strangely there's always something odd to see in Saraven.

The Holdfast of An Buioch
alexanderfalkor [/table]

[Image: sA43R17.png]
  Please introduce your Holdfast down below:

The An Buioch Tribal Holdfast is the long home of the An Buioch people, a group of Caer Sidian Wolven natives, who were once elves but changed due to a ritual in the past. The An Buioch is a peaceful place where nature is abundant, but they are no strangers to conflict, they move out to beat back the forces of chaos when they present too much of a threat to Nature , which the An Buioch people consider their duty and honor given all nature gives them, they remain ever watchful for threats to the natural order and new opportunities to learn new skills and get good trade deals to benefit the tribe.

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed:

An Buioch is a Chiefdom The Chief shares power with the Shamans who are the knowledge keepers and ritual keepers. The Chief is the leader of the armies and Chief administrator of the Holdfast, he has other high ranking soldiers and administrators under him to help him keep up to date with anything.

The Chief is also the Head Diplomat of the Tribe hes the one that greets any foreign diplomats or traders, he shares this role with the Head Shaman who leads the Shamans much the same way the Chief leads the tribe.

There is a Head Hunter as well who is nominally in charge of the Hunters the soldiers of the tribe when not at war, they roam the lands around the holdfast hunting food and keeping nature in balance.

They pay tribute to the City and the Chief by sending meat and leather from the hunts they do. The Hunters also go out into the world as Mercs when the Chief tells them they gather knowledge and learn from those that hire them rather than take gold 

⠀ Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below:

The An Buioch or The Thankful are a small tribe of elves turned anthropomorphic wolf due to ritual sacrifice in the past leaving them only able to use ritual and religious magic but making them stronger faster smarter and longer lived. An Buioch live on average 400 years but the longest lived was around 600 years old, they are master archers owing to their hunter lifestyle. They are also excellent traders and knowledge keepers who have master the art and science of ritual and religious magic again due to the fact they can use nothing else. They send out traders and hunters every 6 months to seek out prospective trade partners and to keep up to date on the flow of trade.

The Hunters often leave in groups of 1000 rotating each time to work as mercenaries gathering fighting experience and keeping up to date the unique the form of martial arts they use in place of iron weapons, they work for new knowledge and skills in place of gold when they must take gold they often use it to buy the knowledge and skills instead. An Buioch are a deeply communal people working together to make the whole stronger to them the tribe is everything and they must all work together or die alone this is due to the stable but small number of the race, they don't have children very often so each one is cherished by all An Buioch and the tribe pulls together as one to raise them.

An Buioch owing to the leather they receive from the hunters live in yurts which are built in such a way as to house multiple families comfortably, they are also master leather workers making richly decorated leather armor that is then inscribed with ritual runes to further increase the natural abilities of the race by at least double making them formidable foes and reliable allies. In the center of Yurt City standing tall and proud on a hill is Íobairt na Sinsear or The Ancestor Sacrifice a Elwydium tree that produces magical fruits that the An Buioch make into magical reagents to trade for fruit and other needs of the tribe they keep a small part of each harvest to use in rituals or other tribe magical needs. At the base of Íobairt na Sinsear grows the incense which make up the ritual and religious reagents the tribe uses.

An Buioch come in mostly two colors gray and brown fur covers their body and they do have hair which matches the fur of the wolf most often but not always. They often style and groom together as a sign of trust and intimacy putting beads and feathers in them as symbols of various life achievements and actions. An Buioch have many names for themselves a Birth name or Soul name thats given to them by their parents chief and shaman, this they only share with loved ones or very trusted friends. They have the Skill name which shows off the skill they are best at then they have the Honor name which denotes an action they have done which honors them and their tribe such as saving a fellow hunter from death during a hunt or figuring out a new way to treat wounds that kind of thing this is the name given to everyone else. An Buioch craftsman and other skilled people give the Skill name in front of the Honor name, An Buioch hunters and warriors give the Honor name first then the Skill name showing which group finds most important.

(if you have further questions please ask me in the discord or my subforum when i get it otherwise ill be here all day)
The population of [An Buioch] is: 30,132
  • [An Buioch] = [30,132]

Total Population= [30,132] [/table]
Military numbers

peacetime numbers: 2,000
wartime numbers when fighting regular wars: 3,000
wartime numbers when fighting Chaos: 4,500

The Peacetime Army of An Buioch of 2,000 wears heavily runed ritual armor providing various benefits aimed at protecting them from harm and enhancing their power on and off the field of battle while the rest wear regular decorated leather armor.

The 4,500 shamans of An Buioch each sacrificed 200 years of lifespan to create the various enhancements and benefits the armor and bows provide the army of An Buioch.

An Buioch has a runed bow which provides increased range and increased aim they are also runed to be very hard to break and to prevent damage from the ravages of time each bow is made from wood taken from Íobairt na Sinsear given to the permanent peacetime army of 2,000 while the rest are given bows of lesser wood.

The armor is as strong as iron and lets them move with very little restriction in regards to flexibility and dexterity.

Each of the parts below helps in some way empower them.

The gauntlets and arm guards grant them a boost to speed and power.

The helmets they wear let them see things from far away and with clear vision.

The leg armor and greaves makes sure they have perfect balance and move as quiet as a shadow.

Every month the shamans gather to keep the enhancements strong by doing a ritual of maintenance. [/table]
The Natural and Processed goods of [An Buioch] are:
[Total points available: 8]
[Total points used: 8]
[Elwydium Fruit] = 1 point
[Incense] = 1 point

[Leatherworks] = 2 points
[Magical Reagents] = 2 points
[Religious Reagents] = 2 points
An Buioch believe in using the entire animal after they hunt leaving nothing to waste they leave the entrails to the predators of the forest. They use the leather they make for clothes and armor and maintaining the yurts they call home. They smoke the meat and store it for when needed and use the bones for medicine and jewelry as well as fuel for fires. They burn the heart to send the spirit of the beast back into the arms of nature the magical and religious reagents are stored after processing until traded or use in a ritual. An Buioch lack grown foods they trade for them what few trees and bushes in the forest are left alone for the various prey animals the An Buioch hunt they rotate between prey animals when they need food to keep the animals populations in good condition. They also lack iron for arrows so often use stone head arrows but trade quite often for iron headed arrows [/table]

 An Buioch is a city of Yurts and families living in the shadows of hills and trees with a lake and river beside them they keep walls in the shadows of the four twins in the front of the holdfast made of ritually empowered wood with four forts to crown them made of the same wood. Towards the north-west between the back-hill and the forth twin rests the lake Linn na Sinsear which takes the shape of a large oval and fits perfectly between the hills acting as both source of fresh water and fish but also a natural defense barrier Linn na Sinsear sits behind Baile An Buioch which is the name of the whimsically titled Yurt City.
Further protecting the heart of the An Buioch running beside and underneath Baile An Buioch and cresting just around the First twin acting as a wall of water protecting Baile An Buioch is the river Deora na Sinsear standing at 3/4 Mile wide and 200 feet deep with the deepest part being dead center of the river with the river getting progressively shallower the closer to the riverbank. Íobairt na Sinsear stands tall and proud on a hill in the center of Holdfast An Buioch with Baile An Buioch built around it in a crescant moon moving outwards towards the Four Twins with room for more as needed.
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The Holdfast of An Buioch
alexanderfalkor [/table]

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[Image: 05oDl72.png]

AlexanderFalkor, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

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=The Holdfast of Astirdia

[Image: image.png]
Please introduce your Holdfast down below
Astirdia a place that seems wonderful and alive.Yet it isnt with hail and snow storms and dead people this kingdom thrives

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed
Monarchy with thanes having a hex of land

Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below
Lost dead-Ghosts but u cant see them even with magic

=7Delete everything up to ( and including ) the mention of Custom Races if you are not introducing any

=12The population of [ Insert Holdfast Name Here ] is:
  • Lost dead = 50000


Military numbers 5000

peacetime numbers:9
wartime numbers:1

=12The Natural and Processed goods of [ Insert Holdfast Name Here ] are:
=12[ Total points available: 8 ]
=12[ Total points used: _ ]
spring water = 1 point
jewels = 1 point

refined water = 2 points
refined gems = 2 points
Please summarise the status of natural and processed goods, and describe what your Holdfast lacks here
Highly loved

Please give a very brief (a sentence or two) overview of the Holdfast
old yet thriving seeming nice yet powerful


The Holdfast of The Khaganate of Devith'Kar

[Image: HBGXkQK.jpg]

Please introduce your Holdfast down below
The Khaganate is home to two peoples, both nomadic in tradition, settled to varying degrees. The first of these are what remains of the Emerald Khaganate, the Taras Jha'ut. Once the conquerors of a mighty empire, they have been forced to flee following a crushing defeat in battle, seeking refuge where their vengeful advesaries could not follow: another world entirely. Their numbers greatly diminished by the cost of battle and the arduous track to Syvisa and from there, to the warren, their bellicose way of life could no longer be continued. They turned to becoming sedentary, under the dominion of the crown at first. But the memory of Empire burns bright in their conciousness, and with their struggles at an end, their pride stirs once more. No longer content to not be lords in their own right, they traverse east, now offering to swear fealty to the crown in exchange for formal recognition of their lordship over the land.
The second are the Kvaltir, a coalition of around a dozen smaller tribes of natives to Caer Sidi. Although they mostly live pastoralistic, nomadic lives, they have established some semi-permanent settlements along the river. Though intrigued by the arrival of the newcomers, they offer no objection, continuing to live as they have in the space that the Khatun cannot claim.

Please give a description as to how your Holdfast is governed
The Taras Jha'ut are ruled by the nobles of the seven houses, the remnants of their once vast warrior caste, each led by the lord of their house, bearing the title of Mirza. The Mirza in turn elect the overall ruler of the Khaganate, the Khagan/Khatun, usually a member of one of the houses, but never a Mirza. The Mirza serve as the Khagans council as well as the feudal lords of their own fiefdoms. In addition to the Mirza, the Khagan can appoint a Grand Prince/Princess. While initially a transitionary title bestowed upon the Khagan during the exodus (in absence of the territory to justify a noble title), it is increasingly understood to indicate preference in succesion. In addition, the Grand Prince substitutes for the Khagan should they be unable to fulfill their duties.

The Kvaltir, however, do not recognize the Emerald Banner, instead ruling themselves. Internally, the tribes follow a traditional hierachy that highly values mental fortitude, usually ascribed to be gained in parallel with wisdom and as such determined by seniority, although prowess in magics and ordinary, but remarkable feats of physical might or outstanding wit are on occasion also recognized. These leading figures come together semi-annually in the assembly of the tribes, which serves to prevent and mediate quarrels between the tribes. The assembly lacks any true executive authority and as such largely fulfills an advisory function, governing, if at all, by consensus, as tribal leaders implement only what ideas they find compelling.
Do you have any custom races you want to introduce? If so, describe them briefly down below
 The Kvaltir are the natives of the Khaganates territory, calling it their home long before the Jha'ut set foot beyond the crownlands. Though humanoid, they are vaguely lizard-like, sporting scales, elevated, slightly longer heads, tails and forked tongues in addition to horns that continously (and slowly) grow as long as the Kvaltir lives.
Prior to the formation of the Coalition, they were a far more warlike people, but the end of the initial chaos incursion marked the end of their militancy. Without a foe to turn against, they focused inwards, embracing nomadic pastoralism, tribal coexistence and isolationism.
Although they do value their independence highly, they do not object to the Jha'ut claiming rule over them, so long as it remains nominal. They know that, as they are, the Syvisans cannot hope to settle all the land they claim and that for the forseeable future, their lives will go largely unimpeded, as the Khatun has shown little interest in the flatlands and hills they call their home, focusing instead on the rivershore to cultivate their farmland.

The population of Devith'Kar is:
  • Syvisan = 38.278
  • Kvaltir = 29.354

67.632 Individuals

Military numbers (maximum military numbers AT ANY TIME is 15% of your total population)

peacetime numbers: 7.686
wartime numbers: 9.270

The Natural and Processed goods of Devith'Kar are:
[ Total points available: 8 ]
[ Total points used: 8 ]
Grains = 1 point
Iron Ore = 1 point
Cattle = 1 point
Horses = 1

Leathers, Pelts and Furs = 2 points
Blacksmithing = 2 points
Please summarise the status of natural and processed goods, and describe what your Holdfast lacks here
 The Kvaltir make their living raising livestock and horses, taking their herds with them as they travel. Excess animals are sold to Khaganate merchants, who process them and sell the products, primarily as clothing. The Khaganate itself has commited its effort to the cultivation of the arable land along the river, raising vast farms to feed their people. Styling itself in the image of its forebearers, it also maintains mining outposts that dig deep into the hills of the Khaganates frontier, prying iron from the hillside to forge into weapons and armor worthy of mighty warriors.

The lack of building materials like lumber and stone has limited the Khatuns expansion to a minimum, and while this keeps the peace with the Kvaltir, it does little to satisfy the nobles of the seven houses bickering amongst themselves for what little land the Khaganate can truly call it's own. This is only amplified by the absence of fine luxuries and alcohol, leaving the disgruntled lords to live in what they perceive to be squalor.

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The Holdfast of The Khaganate of Devith'Kar

[Image: mKP7SBc.png]

[Image: hvtcXJP.png]

Tenurium, your holdfast application has been accepted! In addition, this means that once your subforum is created by Aynia, ( Since unfortunately, I can't create subforums for y'all ) you are free to start roleplaying and worldbuilding your holdfast and it's occupants as you see fit.

In due time, Aynia will also put your holdfast on the official Roleplay map. I hope you come to enjoy your time in the official CS roleplay!

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