hello from ragnarak

hello i'm the leader of ragnarak i've never do role play so sorry if i do something wrong. Now i wont do do a short introduction of my kingdom, ragnarak was a united kingdom like 5000  years ago, when the king died all the kingdom parted in 10 part each part with how ruler one of the son of the king. The result was a big civil war so now  the kingoms now was weak  and the foreigner country have easly conquer it. After a lot of civil war a lot of new foreigner cauntry and a lot of caos the big kingdoms of ragnarak was now divaded in a lot of smoll kingdoms but finaly after 5000 years the small kingdoms of artrea ruled by me  Cool Cool Cool

managed to unify the ancient empire (you can read the history of the unification on my kingdom's factbook) in each case the trouble wansn't end the the powers that we had defeted for the unification now were stronger and our army exausted  we chose to dont risk only for the land was more important our ritroved unity. So we decided to escape we was an economic power so we heve  paied  some mercenaries for slow down them end with remainin money we bought billion of boat with wich we migrated in undiscovered and unknowed land the majority of the boat wos destroyed but a lot of us was survived and thats how we lended in your regions

Hello and welcome to Caer Sidi!!! Feel free to apply for citizenship HERE

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