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The Giant of Kelzerstorckwenterkyansc,part1

It was a dark night and the thunderstrom was visible on the dark sky. The traveler without a fear aproached the storm. He was not scared because he made Ea an offering before starting the great odyssey to mount Kelzerstorckwenterkyansc. He got to the border betwen the hills and the thunderstorm, where he could see the mountain's peak in the sky trough the cut it made...he was absorbed by darkness when he entered Gaul's chaos machine,the thunderstorm. The traveler got out the torch to make light. He could hear creatures lurking in the dark,but had a sword ready for any ocassions. The horse started geting worried but he calmed it with a spell.
He after all got to the mountain and then ravens started appearing,flying above his head and then dissapeared. Zelk was close...The traveler dismounted and looked up to the sky. He knew it was a long way to get up. When he was getting ready to climb he felt a presence behind him. He slowly got out the sword and heard a voice:
-I never tought i would see you again,Hywelzerstrec....said the mysterious voice
-Who are you!? asked Hywelzerstrec,scared of the intimidating voice.
-Your nightmare. he said smiling. I am the man that killed your father,boy. I killed your father! The well known "Warrior of Death"! He didn-
-Shut up! What are you?
- I came to murder you of course! You have a bounty worth thousands and the chaosium wants you dead! So i came to murder you and take your head....and then the warrior came out of the dark. It was in a pitch black armor,with a helmet that covered his face like a mask. The helmet was a black one,unknown material. It looked like a triangualr figure. It had some round holes for the eyes and nose. You could barely see the holes,and when you did they were anyway pitch black. The figure got out a diamond sword plated with the same material the armor was made with and then the traveler jumped at him. The dark warrior threw him with a punch in the chest. The warrior aproached with a sword ready to cut of the travelers head but the traveler used a used a spell and managed to block the atack and it helped him get away. Hywelzerstrec the traveler got the sword and tried to cut of the warriors hand but he couldn't and the warrior just made a scar on his chest. Hywelzerstrec then got an idea. He could use a freeze spell to try and freeze the warrior so he could at least wound it. There was a catch,the spell was to powerfull for him so he used another version that would freeze the warrior just a bit. He used the spell and the warrior freezed. Hywelzerstrec ran to the warrior and cut of the arm. The spell worn of then and in the same moment the warrior used his sword and managed to split the iron sword in two parts because his sword was plated with a rare material from somewhere in the eastern mountains that could cut trough iron . He then jumped at the traveler and cut off his head. The warrior won the fight.
- He almost gave me more of a fight than his father.... And then took the head and started going away untill he dissapeared in the dark.
-I guess i escaped. After all i won! said Hywelzerstrec. When the warrior freezed, he made a illusion that continued the fight and he then hid. So the head he took will dissapear after some time. Hywelzerstrec decided to make a camp and rest. After he slept he got up and prepared for the climbing.
He was trying to not fall,climbing up the mountain,without any place to rest. After some time and a lot of pain, he was aproaching the center of the mountain where he could try to rest if he managed to fight the lurking beasts hiding in the dark spots of the cave. He gets from the bag some bait and setis it up outside then hides behing a huge rock. The beasts came out so he threw a distraction away and the beasts followed it and then threw a giant rock on them. After he smashed the beasts,he entered the cave and hanged some torches on the walls with a hamer,some nails and some ropes. He then got out of the bag some blankets, a pillow and a tent he used to cover the hole in the cave from wich he entered it. Then he got some sticks he had in his bag and managed to do a little campfire with it,ate an apple and then took a blanket with wich he covered himself when he tried to sleep on the blankets and the pillow he put to the ground.
It was morning and Hywelzerstrec waked up. He got some fruits from his bag he carried around and ate them. He was ready to continue climbing to the top of the mountain so he packed everything up and got outside.

-Duke Darius the II of The Great Duchy of Lestovonia,Representative of The Great Duchy of Lestovonia in the War Council.[

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