Greetings from good 'Ole Ben

Hello there!

My name is Ben and I am thrilled to be a part of Caer Sidi. Although I learned about this region from Gameplay, I came here not for that but for the roleplaying you guys advertised. The aesthetic really caught my eye as well not to mention I love the idea that a Queen is guiding us! 

Well, there you go. Not much of an introduction, but more like a 'Why did I join Caer Sidi'. But nonetheless, I am happy to meet y'all, fine ladies and gentlemen. I am always on Discord, same name btw, and open to any conversation. So kudos and have a great day to whoever is reading this Wink

Hello and welcome!!! I hope you have a great time here! You picked a great time to join, as our roleplay is really picking up Big Grin

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