Hey everyone!!

Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be here and to hopefully get to know all of you soon! My nation's name on NS is Euthrasia, and I've been playing casually on and off for roughly 6 years now. I've been in a couple of different regions over the years, mainly being The Universal Allegiance and The Communist Bloc. I used to roleplay quite a bit, and at one point served as WA Delegate in tUA for a short period. 

As for a short personal bio, my real name is Ray, and I'm a college student studying digital media and history. I'm a lover of video games and all things nerd related. My favorite games are RPGs like The Elder Scrolls and shooters like Halo and Battlefield, but I also love a good old Minecraft survival world. I'm also super into photography!

Thanks for reading! I hope to talk soon!
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Hello and welcome to CS!!!!! We are happy to have you!!

"I'm a lover of video games and all things nerd related."

You are right at home here. Nerdery and history Tongue

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