A hearty hello!

Hello all, my name is Scott, or BaSingTea if you prefer and I run the newly created nation of Navatar. This is my first foray into NationStates, as I decided I wanted to do some world-building while roleplaying what I created along the way. I've been roleplaying for over twenty years now and I would best be described as a self-professed nerd who also happens to love his dogs, baseball, cooking, and photography. I run a Dwarven-themed guild in World of Warcraft and Navatar the nation I have established here is inspired in part by Tolkien and with it Dwarves and Elves with a Celtic twist. 

I'm looking forward to meeting new people, having fun roleplaying with you fine folks, and becoming a part of the community as well. Have yourselves a wonderful day and thanks for having me!

Thane Thurin Snowholdt - King Under the Mountain, Ruler of Navatar
[Image: Owi0Vxb.png]

Wonderful to meet you! Our roleplay can move a little slow, but the more people active the faster it goes! If you ever have questions about CS or NS, feel free to shoot me a dm!
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