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Sky Haven

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Embassy of Sky Haven

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December 22, 2020 - Founding
Sky Haven was founded by Brox Reple, better known as SkyGreen24, on December 22, 2020. Intended to be a “cozy, comfy, and casual community”, the region was soon filled with activity after Sky invited people to the region’s Discord server to help him lay the founding bricks.

Designating himself as the Demiurge, Sky separated the government into the Domus (the Executive branch), Lawgrove (the Legislative branch), and Magistracy (the Judicial branch). An interim government was formed. Maowi became Majordomo (Head of the Executive), Rotasu became Keeper of the Grove (Head of the all-citizen Legislature), and the Magistracy consisted of Archmagistrate Josi and Magistrates Seva and GC. Siphlygon and Ervald were invited as well.

Sky Haven was themed around mythology from various cultures, with its Independent military named the Kali Paladins and a bot in the Discord server named after Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Sky designed the flag to include a symbol of Uranus, the Roman god of the sky. On top of these mythology references, the region was, befitting its name, also themed around the island of Laputa from the animated film “Castle in the Sky” by Hayao Miyazaki.
Interview with the Demiurge
We reached out to the Demiurge, Sky, to find out how and why exactly he founded the region. "I had wanted to found a region for a while already, I've been an on again off again NS player since 2013 and since I stuck around when the pandemic started, the idea of founding a region slowly crept up on me. One day I was just checking out regions, thinking I might find something interesting, and I noticed a region called Sky Haven. The previous founder had not logged in for quite some time, I think they were on vacation mode, so I thought, why don't I put it in my dossier. After a few weeks the founder CTE'd and the region disappeared, I didn't think much of it until two-three weeks later when I thought to myself, if they're not going to use it, maybe I could. And so, Sky Haven was (re)founded by myself."

Sky was also asked which challenges he faced in the first month after founding. "Well, at first it was, what should I even do with this place? I didn't know much, and was very new to this aspect of the game. Once I stabilized a bit I had the first big challenge, how to find members? I could obviously simply start recruiting, but I didn't feel comfortable doing this rather big project all by myself. So I reached out to a few dear friends of mine, and that got the ball rolling."
February 9, 2021 - Passage of the Carta Caelorum
After Sky Haven was founded and the main ideas and elements were set up and decided on, the first item on the agenda was nothing other than the very important task of writing a Constitution! In an effort led by our Demiurge (founder) SkyGreen24, our original Keeper of the Grove Comrade Rotasu, and our first elected Keeper Siphlygon, although contributions were made by all the Octarchons (the eight founding members), we gradually produced our Carta Caelorum. It was passed in a unanimous Octarchon vote on February 9, establishing the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, as well as Demiurge powers and citizen rights. Recruitment efforts began at this juncture, bringing in our very first group of non-founding citizens. SkyGreen24 used his Carta-granted power immediately upon its passage to dissolve the initial government he had appointed and call for elections. Thus the age of democracy began in Sky Haven!
February 17 - First Election in Sky Haven
Elections opened on February 10th for the positions of Majordomo/Magnadomo who run the executive and the Keeper who runs the Lawgrove. For Majordomo and Magnadomo, two tickets stood: Maowi/Ervald and Rotasu/Seva. Maowi and Ervald posted their platform on the 10th while Rotasu and Seva withdrew on the 16th from the race without posting a platform. Only Siphlygon ran for Keeper who stood on the 12th. 7 days later from the beginning, voting begun on the 17th with Maowi/Ervald and Siphlygon voted in unanimously for Majordomo/Magnadomo and Keeper respectively.
February 20, 2021 - Confirmation of Minordomos, Start of Term
On February 20, the Lawgrove officially confirmed the new Minordomos (Ministers) and Magistrates nominated by Maowi and Ervald. Sky became Minordomo of Interior, Rotasu was confirmed as Minordomo of Culture, and Seva was appointed Minordomo of Media and Foreign Affairs. The three Magistrates nominated and confirmed were Josi, GC, and Rotasu. All confirmations were unanimous.

The start of the term in Interior was signified by work on dispatches outlying the region's structure, and continued recruiting efforts. As of March 7, nearly 50 nations currently reside in the region, with 13 people being citizens. Even before the confirmation, the Culture Domuncula had released a poll regarding Weekend Game times, and a successful game was hosted on February 20; and in the two following weeks we played Cards Against Humanity and Gartic Phone. The Media and Foreign Affairs Domuncula has set up a nation for Foreign Affairs updates and is reaching out to like-minded regions. Even during the interim government, on-site embassies had been established with Hyperico, Aurellius, and Kaer Solas, all of them regions that were founded recently. In addition to that, we got in touch with some bigger regions: we established an embassy with Thaecia on their Discord server and made contact with Kantrias. We currently are looking for other regions interested in establishing relations!
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March, 2021 - Ministerial Happenings

Since our last update in early March, the domunculae have been keeping themselves busy. The Domuncula of Culture hosted games from Onmuga which included Battlesnake and Cambio on March 20th and had 4 players show up. Several citizens of Sky Haven participated in a game of with our friends in Inferno Stellaria on March 19th. Interior is still recruiting nations to Sky Haven with 68 nations now residing in the region and several new citizens applying for off-site citizenship on our forums and joining our Discord. With the help of Maowi and Dyl, Interior has put together a master dispatch to help direct residents and citizens to the right place for what they're looking for. Over in foreign affairs, we are currently in the process of negotiating a treaty! We can't reveal much more than that but we are looking forward to the launch of it once it is finalized.
March, 2021 - Changes in Government

On March 26, Maowi resigned from the position of Majordomo. In a short announcement, she explained that "due to changes in real-life circumstances, [she had] with much regret decided to step down from service". Magnadomo Ervald became the new Majordomo, in accordance with the Carta Carlorum. "It is an honor to be succeeding her and I hope to live up to your expectations," said Ervald in his opening address. SkyGreen24 was nominated for the position of Magnadomo as "an active leader in our community", and he is currently on track to be confirmed unanimously by the Lawgrove. Additionally, the Lawgrove is currently discussing election law, judicial law, and criminal law, and elections for Keeper of the Grove are open. We are happy to report that our region has laid all foundation bricks, and our main goal now is to foster activity while keeping our comfy and casual vibe going!

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I am excited and happy to see the steady growth of Sky Haven! Thank you for the update!

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