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United Kingdom

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Embassy of United Kingdom
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Delighted to be here!

I am excited to see the beginning of relations between our two regions! And we are glad to have you with us!

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The Corleone Family:
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61st Premiership of the United Kingdom
Regional Information Centre
71st Session of Parliament
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His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Henry Stewart
Deputy Prime Minister: Scott Cahill-Mountbatten
Home Secretary: Angus Baker-Mountbatten
Foreign Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand
Local Government Secretary: Mayim Emanu-El-Bauheim
Culture Secretary: John Alexander
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Scott Cahill-Mountbatten

Crown Court of the United Kingdom

Crown Court Chief Judge: Sir Jay Dee Bonaparte
Crown Court Judge: Michael Stewart
Crown Court Judge: John Spencer-Talleyrand

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The British Monarchy

Sovereign: HM King George VIII
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince Michael
Founded: November 10th, 2005
Ruling Family: The Royal House of Stewart
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The House of Lords

Mayim, Baronex Bauheim
Chris, Baron Mikaelson
Madeline, Baroness Mikaelson(Speaker)

The House of Commons

Henry E. S. Stewart (Speaker)
Akillian Talleyrand (PUP) of Linlithgow
Angus Baker-Mountbatten (PUP) of Sevenoaks
Matthew Stewart (PUP) of Glasgow Central (Speaker)
Duncan A. Bracey-Bauheim (LAB) of Bolsover
Scott Cahill-Mountbatten (SF) of Kensington
Remile Talleyrand (SF) of Warwickshire
HM Government: No Organised Majority
HM Loyal Opposition: No Organised Opposition

By-Election and Changes in Government

After serving just short of one month in office, a by-election for Prime Minister was called following Josephine Talleyrand’s resignation due to real life factors. The poll for Prime Minister opened 26th Feb 2021. Three people ran for the position, Henry E. S. Stewart of Sein Fein, Aaron Raynolds-Bauheim of The Independent Group and Mayim Emanu-El—Bauheim of Labour. 41 votes were cast in the poll, the highest turnout of recent months.

Henry E. S. Stewart received 22 votes (53.66%), Aaron Raynolds-Bauheim received 6 votes (14.63 %) and Mayim Emanu-El—Bauheim received 13 votes (31.71%). Henry Stewart was thus declared the winner, avoiding a run-off with 9 votes separating him from second place Mayim.

[Original reporting by TL;DR Belfast] After the election, Mr Stewart emerged from the doors of 10 Downing Street and announced the Cabinet. Scott Cahill-Mountbatten MP from Kensington (Sinn Fein) was appointed Deputy Prime Minister while outgoing DPM Angus Baker-Mountbatten MP from Sevenoaks (PUP) was appointed as new Home Secretary. Long time statesman Akillian Talleyrand MP from Linlithgow (PUP) remained in his post as Foreign Secretary. We will be seeing a new Local Government Secretary with Mayim, Baronex Bauheim (Labour) taking the post while Cahill-Mountbatten will  be taking Stewart's old post as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Meanwhile, previous Culture Secretary John Alexander (Sinn Fein) replaced Longdendale as Culture Secretary. This cabinet is currently composed of well-known and committed statesmen to carry out Stewart's agenda for the Kingdom.
Parliamentary Activity

Within Parliament, the first 7 Member House of Commons in several months, has been actively debating several pieces of legislation. Bills have passed relating to the role of Magistrate Judges in the Judiciary, the removal of Regional Societies from the University, and regulations relating to the Chancellor’s ability to request economic records from regional businesses. The most significant piece of legislation to pass through the Parliament this term has been a new Defence Act, which amongst other changes to the modern day functioning of the military, have required the Chief of General Staff to now serve for a term limited period and subject to the House of Commons confirmation.

Two other pieces of legislation to pass the House of Commons were the Political Parties Regulation Act and the Business Standards Act. Both bills have faced opposition and amendments in the House of Lords. In an effort to avoid opposing the bills completely, the House of Lords have made an attempt to compromise on the legislation, which the House of Commons is considering.

Finally, following the resignation of Henry Stewart as Speaker of the House of Commons, due to his election as Prime Minister, Matthew Stewart was elected as Speaker unopposed.
Constituency Nation Updates

Martynas Wright-Bauheim proposed a bill in the English Assembly, 01 March 2021. which establishes a rule where the Lord Lieutenant shall only serve for one to two consecutive terms. James Forsyte, Deputy Presiding Officer, made a comment about the technical issues of the proposed bill. The bill is currently debated by representatives of the assembly.

The MSPs of Scottish Parliament is currently voting on the Disability Support Act 2021 proposed by Philip Ross MSP, 26 February 2021, where the bill will give greater support for individuals with disabilities and mandates the Government and employers to enact policies on inclusivity. The vote is more likely to be passed with 7 ayes against 1 abstention. The Scottish Parliament also passed the Protected Paid Leave Act 2021 that mandates workers to have a paid leave from the government and their employers.

Prif Weinidog Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova proposed a bill in the Senedd Cymru establishing a devolved judicial system in the Principality of Wales. Klaus Mikaelson MS and Madeline Mikaelson MS voiced out their opposition on the details of the bill with regards to the membership of the judiciary concerning their political affiliation, the bar, and seniority by citizenship. The bill is currently debated by the Members of the Senedd.

Taoiseach John Laurens-Wessex proposed a bill in the Dail Eireann about establishing a taxation system in Northern Ireland. Another bill proposing the same system was proposed by Mithrandir Olorin TD, 04 March 2021. The bills are currently being discussed by Teachtai Dala in the Dail Eireann.
Valentines Festival and Honours List

Since the last update, the Culture Office has hosted a Valentine's Festival for members of NSUK. Taking place between the 10th and 17th of February, there were a range of activities and games that took place to mark Valentines day and offer members something to do at a time where many people can feel lonely. Some of the activities that took place were themed quizzes, a playlist created by festival participants around the theme of love and a lot of spam games. One of the big events of the festival was an avatar contest between participants. After 6 entries from participants and 2 days of voting, the winner was John Alexander, whose winning avatar can be seen below. In all, the event was a fun time that did a lot to cheer up members at a time where RL hasn’t been great for a lot of people.

[Image: e230f8db61e2699efd595de7585fa254--whats-...-evans.jpg]
Valentines Honours List

Valentines day also offered HM King George VIII the opportunity to show his appreciation for members of the NSUK community by conferring honours to certain members. In total, King George conferred 5 honours on NSUKers.

The first of these recipients was Mayim Emanu-El-Bauheim who became a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to the British Electorate through efforts to implement electoral reform. This was followed by Angus Baker-Mountbatten who also became a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to Regional Governance, through his roles in government.

The next recipient was Henry E. S. Stewart who became a Member of the Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick for services to economic development, particularly that of Ireland. Kathryn Janeway was the next person who became a Member of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath for services to economic development, particularly that of England.

The final recipient in this round of awards was Remile Talleyrand who became an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for continued service to Regional Governance through Parliamentary Service. All of these honours were thoroughly deserved and we congratulate all of those bestowed with honours.

Congratulations to the new Prime Minister and their Government, and also the recipients of the honours!

Thank you for sharing this update.

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The Royal Messenger - April 2021

We are pleased to present the latest edition of The Royal Messenger: You will find news articles on recent events within the United Kingdom, including on our recent general election, activity in our constituency nations, and an update on the United Kingdom Armed Forces. On behalf of the Foreign Office, we hope that all is well for our friends and allies and you enjoy our new update.
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Thank you for the update!

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Anyone may join in the celebration! Please join us via this link here:
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Thank you for the invite!

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