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Lone Wolves United

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January 2021 Update

A Brief Introduction

Who are we?

We are Lone Wolves United. You may have heard of us.

Where are we?
You can find us here.
We also have offsite forums here.
And we have a discord room, here.

When are we?
We were founded in in 2005, which makes us one of the oldest still active regions in R/D, and the oldest raider region still around. This also makes us one of the oldest user created regions still active. We've been around.

What are we?
Mirabeau was alleged to have said that Prussia was an army with a country. You could imagine LWU as something similar. We are not a region with a military. Rather, we are a military with a region. To us the military is not a branch of the regional administration. The military IS the region. Since our founding, we have been raiders, we have always been raiders, and we will always be raiders.

Why are we?
To explain what the essence of LWU is, everything can be boiled down to a single word: Honour.

Honour to fellow members.

As our name suggests, we are lone wolves. We are individuals, each with different lives beyond the confines of NS. We are of different cultures and backgrounds from different parts of the world. We may have different views on life and other matters, and we may be leading very different lives. And yet, we are united. We respect the individuality of every single one of us, as long as we are united towards the same goal. Of being a highly professional raiding organisation. 

This is also reflected in our leadership structure, or rather, lack thereof. Instead of going through bureaucracy and legislature, we have an open government. Leadership is based on seniority and military service. And anyone can rise to the top. Similarly, anyone who has any concerns or suggestions as to how to improve things are more than free to speak their word. This is why we have not experienced any major conflicts or schisms over all these years.

This is also reflected in our military recruitment policy. We place a high premium on skill and training. Because we believe that any member who joins us has a potential of being an excellent soldier and a valuable military asset. We ensure that any person who joins will receive sufficient and detailed training such that they understand what is going on and is able to respond to orders effectively. This is why we have managed to create and maintain a professional and well-maintained military.

Honour to allies.

We are always willing to respond to a call of reinforcements. If you raise the call, we will do our best to provide reinforcements. Because although we may have different strategies and aims, ultimately we are all on the side of raiding in the R/D dichotomy. As regions and organisations, we are all alone in pursuing our own policies. But as raiders, we are united to a certain extent.

Honour to natives.

We understand that natives have the right to maintain their region. We understand that they may not necessarily like their region to be raided. So beyond the necessary, such as replacing delegates and placing the RMB under occupation, we generally try not to interfere with the lives of the natives. On the scale of NS, we know that any raiding operation for a targeted region that is active will end someday, and in this case, our aim is usually not to destroy the region. We have no inherent desire to permanently take over a region. Once the operation is over, we hope that natives are able to rebuild their region.

Honour to defenders.

Even though they are on the other side, we do not underestimate defenders. They may be "the enemy", but they can be worthy opponents. We need to keep that in mind. When they put up a good defense, that is something to be respected. A good job is a good job, regardless of which side you are on. Without defenders, R/D would be much more mundane. Indeed, a successful raid in the face of defender resistance makes the achievement more worthwhile. In the grand scale of things, we need to remember that NS is a browser game, and R/D is just a fraction of that. Defenders are just another facet of NS.

Honour to the art.

Above all, our aim is to further the art of raiding. To us, we value quality over quality. This is why we insist on professionalism. On a skilled and well-trained military that is capable of conducting operations rather than numbers alone. This is why we want to develop relationships with other raiding regions. This is why when we raid, we pay our due respects to the natives in our targeted regions and towards any defenders we may encounter. This is why we prioritise high-value targets over tagging multiple regions. Because to us, raiding is an artform. When done well, it is elegant, yet decisive. It shows the beauty of humanity. Of us individuals. Lone Wolves. Separated by our differences, both physical and mental. And yet, through the art of raiding, we can coordinate all us disparate individuals. United. To achieve our goals where success is measured in fractions of seconds.

How are we?
We are doing fine. As always. We have been around for over fifteen years, and hopefully we will continue to be. In some years, activity may be lower. In some years, activity may be higher. In the past, there may have been periods where you may not have heard from us much. Now, with our department of established extra-regional relations back to full activity, you'll probably hear from us much more. Yet we've always been around. On updates, you'll see us. And if things go well we'll continue to be around. As raiders, perfecting what we do. As individuals - Lone Wolves. United.

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So... Year 2020 has passed. Some may have enjoyed it. Some... not so much. With the new year, comes new changes over here at LWU. While we've never stopped our raiding and er... raiding, we've been a bit quiet on the diplomatic front. Fear not, for our department for foreign relations, D.E.E.R. is back in business. Keep an eye out on this place, for monthly issues of our regional update Lupus. That's right. Now you don't need to lie in wait during updates to see us in action. We'll bring the news to you. We are back.

 Business as usual
Did we mention that we've always been active even if things have been quiet on the diplomatic side? I suppose we have. NS's oldest active raiding organisation never stops. Regardless of how much publicity we publicise, LWU has always been on the forefront of the raiding frontlines. Here's a short snapshot of our successful operations in the past month alone.

[Image: Raid_screenshot.png]

Indonesia Raya was hit, showing our global reach. From the frozen wastes of the arctic all the way to the sunny tropics of Southeast Asia, nowhere is safe from the well-trained armies of LWU.

[Image: raid_screenshot2.png]

Above all, when raiders set out to break a record, did you think LWU would not be part of it? Of course not. In an incredible show of numbers from a huge number of varied regions, Operation Boom Beach has broken the record for the largest number of successful jumpers in a single update on a single region. Obviously, LWU had to join in for a slice of history. Because raiding is our essence.
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Boom! Wondrerful update! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to reading more updates from LWU <3

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February 2021 Update


First the big news. One of the most high-profile R/D actions taken in the past month has to be the raid on Embassy. As a reminder of what the Embassy is, here's an analogy. Us humans like to collect stuff. Some collect stamps. Some collect baseball cards. Some people collect vinyl records. Old coins. Weird knick-knacks. And somehow, in the NS-verse, someone collects embassies with regions. That is supposed to be what the region Embassy is about. With more than 3500 embassies, the region did present a juicy target. So we raided it, as part of a coalition led by Lily. The raid sparked major controversy and resulted in the first Security Council Liberation in months, with 10000 Islands telling us from atop the molehill of morality that we were wrong for raiding while refusing to make an attempt at saving them.

Some people will say we're evil or unethical for raiding and closing the embassies. Thing is that it's a game, and raiding is an established part of that game. Safe to say, it is here to stay, whether people like it or not, and there are plenty of ways to prevent a raid. Some will point out that the Embassy had a password to opt-out, but that's irrelevant when you share it freely. The moral of the story is that handing out passwords to people you don't know too well makes them somewhat useless.

Tl;dr: LWU aided in closing down 3500+ embassies. TITO complained about it. Nothing's changed, except that now there's 3500 embassies less. But then they were so spammy that they broke the game for several updates, so we don't feel bad in the slightest.

More Foreign Affairs

Another day, another raid.

LWU, with the assistance of Balder, the Land of Kings and Emperors, Caer Sidi and the West Pacific Armed Forces went out to raid. A region with some RP, but also did mark themselves out as a gameplay region. Fair game then. Raid went smoothly. Update came. People jumped. Region was taken.

For about five minutes.

Somehow, despite the founder having CTE'd a while ago, they revived the very same update, just after the raid, and retook the region. That was probably one of our shortest success stories then.

And yet, that was not the end of our story.

Even though they managed to reclaim the region without too much long-term damage, for whatever reason the founder decided to do the following:
...they opted to quit the game. Despite having retaken their region without any damage done. At the time of writing, D.E.E.R. is still uncertain how the natives arrived at the conclusion they did, but we will report back when we know more.

The dankest of stale memes in NS R/D, here, only at LWU.

Further Adventures

Apart from those two operations, LWU has remained active.
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Ah yes. The observation of members of the order Strigiformes. An important part of American culture. That's what the superb owl is about, no? To celebrate Superb Owl Sunday, what better way to celebrate the spirit of USA by reminding the Brits of 1776? That's why on this monumental day, LWU decided to take a journey to the New United Kingdom.
Apparently they were some flavour of dictatorship too. Time to bring freedom™ and democracy™ to them then. For the small price of being raided. Special thanks goes to The Black Hawks, Osiris, the Joint Task Force and Karma for their support.

To round things up, did we mention we like puns?
Usea was taken swiftly with the aid of Kantrias. With no defenders in sight, solid turnout and a decent update, everything went well.

...until the founder woke up. Shortly after update. Again. We're not sure what we did at this point, but it must've been pretty bad. Interesting to note, however, is that the founder did not cancel the embassy with Lone Wolves United - instead, they joined LWU. Cursed with founder returns we may be, at least there's some good thinks that came out of our adventure on the stormy Usea.

Other news

In addition, there's two minor things we were too lazy to write paragraphs on:
- Following a brief lull in recruitment, we shot up from 75 nations at the start of the month to 105 at the time of writing. Which is good.
- We got around to writing dispatches for once. If you have an embassy with LWU and you're still left wondering "Lone Who United?", a guide can be found here.

In summary: we raided places, we recruited people, we made bad puns, we brought back several founders and we wrote a wall of text about it. Now go read it.

Brought to you the Department of Established External Relations.

Thank you for sharing this update! It was lots of fun aiding LWU on that raid, hoping to do it more in the future!

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The Corleone Family:

omg cute owl babeh automatically makes this update more awesome than it already is. Tongue Thank you for the update!!!

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Following discussions among the active membership of the region, we are proud to announce that LWU have conducted a complete review of its own policies, and we have decided to pursue new directions.

For too long, we are only known as a raiding region. All we have done and known is raiding. This was what we have based our region on, and how we have survived to this day. Yet, considering our so-called core values, recent events have led us to rethink our role in the broader NS community. Over these years, we have sought to make ourselves be known through raids, and all for nought. People come and go, and some individually have made a larger impact on NS as a whole compared to regions like us. It is clear that longevity and raiding pedigree is no longer valued these days. Furthermore, it is clear that raiding as an alignment, rather, R/D as an aspect of NS gameplay is no longer fulfilling or profitable. Considering all of this, we asked ourselves, why bother? And now we have answers.

Raiding and defending have just brought division among all of us, the NS community. Instead of working constructively to collectively create a community based on collaboration and creativity, we have let our various factional differences and squabbles drive us apart. Of roleplayers and gameplayers. Of raiders and defenders. If only everyone worked together. We could all be part of a much greater project.

What then is to be done?

NS as a whole has serious deficiencies, in that anyone can do their own thing. Anyone can set up their own community, break off to develop their own project. It's even officially sanctioned. "Regions" - they're called. This is why we as people on NS fail to reach greater heights. Because we let our own ambitions for power through leadership, and selfishness in pursuing independent goals get to us. By dividing ourselves into different regions, we look inside, to our own comfort zone and bubble, and fail to see the bigger picture. That is why we believe that the regional system of NS has limited our potential. The fact that any user on NS can create a region and do anything they want with it is seriously detrimental to the development of NS as a community.

As such, we believe that a radical reform is necessary. Instead of continuing our former misguided paths, we have decided to reboot ourselves. We are now a region for potential. For the reduction of individualist and divisive influences within NS. For the reduction and eventual abolishment of the concept of user created regions in itself. And perhaps, eventually, the abandoning of the regional system as a whole. When the day comes, we too will gladly dissolve ourselves.

For too long we have watched from afar the struggles in the Feeders. For too long have we denied the truth to ourselves and to the world. Now, we can shy away from it no longer. We must recognize the truth and share it with the world. Thus, we acknowledge the following truths:

- There is a class struggle ongoing in the Feeders between the Userite and the Feederite, a struggle that affects all.
- The Feeders, by their very nature, are the enemy of all user-created regions. One or the other must be defeated to ensure unity.
- It is the nature of the Userite to impose their will on the Feeders through political manipulation or military force if necessary.

These truths, contained and documented in "Proper Francoist Thought", first developed by Unlimited, are collectively referred to as Francoism. User-created regions have long demonized this document as evil, and have always denied its fundamental truths.

In recent years, we have watched as the Feeders closed their eyes and turned away from the Francoist cause, deceived by Userite promises and manipulated by the User-created regions. Lone Wolves United has decided to no longer hide the truth. From this day forward, we are rebranding ourselves as the very first Francoist user-created region. From this day forth, we will act as Proper Francoist Thought dictates. It is our sincere hope that more regions will follow our example and embrace the truth that is Francoism.

Our rebirth has begun. May enlightenment spread far and wide.

Oh, sorry...

Did we mention it was April Fools'?

It'd be inconceivable for us to just straight up abandon everything the region has stood for. More regions, more targets. Our heritage is our greatest asset, and raiding is an integral part of our being. If you fell for it, you may want to look up a dictionary - apparently the word "gullible" is not in it.

P.S. You just lost the game.

Hahaha this made chuckle xD

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