Royal Office of the Crown Estate Commissioners

Royal Office of the Crown Estate Commission

Opening the door in Bastion to a flurry of bustling activity, you see rows of people queuing for service on either side of the room. Magistrates sitting in high-backed chairs with runners delivering and taking paperwork to and fro talk to the assembled people one at a time as you enter the hub of Bastion's Crown Estate Commissioners Office.

Here, you can finally take your request for the establishment of a Holdfast, and apply to be granted some of Queen Aynia's lands in the Warren. Provided the Commission approves the request and gets a seal from the Queen, or one of her attaches, the return of a stamped parchment will be all you require.
Steps to Create & Apply for a Holdfast

Step 1: Choose a Government Type

First, you must determine how your Holdfast region will be governed. As a land allotment that falls under the purview of Queen Aynia, your Holdfast will be considered "semi-autonomous", or allowed the right to self-govern. However the expectation is that the Holdfast will swear fealty and over-lordship as would any vassal state, to the Queen, residing in Bastion.

Possible governmental types are as follows, however if an option you wish to pursue is not listed, please describe accordingly in discord or in a message to [Windraker007] and the list will be modified.

Direct Democracy- All citizens cast votes on policy matters and initiatives directly, that affect both the Holdfast.

Representative Democracy- All citizens vote on representatives to run the Holdfast, and the representatives cast votes for a leader dependent on citizen voting and other factors. Multiple government branches tend to exist for a power check and balance.

Classical Republic- A committee or senate elected by council or appointed by a head of the republic, such as a Consul or related elected authority.

Theocratic Republic- As above, but taken from religious sects, cults, cabals, or otherwise.

Theocratic Monarchy- A monarch as "ordained by" a faith, rules directly, and may or may not have a cabinet of ministers, of which tend to also come from a religious sect, cult, cabal, or otherwise.

Absolute Monarchy- A monarch as by lineage or "divine providence" leads the government without any checks or balances.

Constitutional Monarchy- A monarch as appointed by a governmental body leads the government by law, with some checks or balances as assumed by the constitution drafted. A cabinet of ministers may exist as appointed by the monarch.

Representative Monarchy- A monarch as either by lineage or appointed by law leads the government with checks and balances by an elected house or governmental ruling body.
Stratocracy-  A form of government headed by military chiefs.The day-to-day operations of government are administered by military forces, the government is legal under the laws of the jurisdiction at issue, and is usually carried out by military workers. 

Step 2: Choose a Map Location

Review THIS MAP and choose up to 5 adjacent hexes- all land must be connected, unless bridged by a river. You may extend your claim into one or more ocean hexes, including islands. Note- other players in the future could claim other parts of an island if not taken initially.

You may not claim any red territory as it is currently occupied by invading Chaosium forces.
You may not claim anywhere in the "Queensland" peninsula (anywhere on or past the 'The Queensland' text).
You may not claim part of another players territory.

You may request small features to the map such as trees, hills, small lakes, forests/woods, roads and bridges, towns, and cities. You may not remove significant features from the map such as mountains, large forests or woods, established towns or cities, lakes, rivers, or alter coastlines in any way.

You may choose to have a Holdfast underwater and claim all ocean tiles if you wish, or if you'd like you can also build a hold fast underground. Different types of hold fasts have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it really comes down to your own style of play and how you want to shape your own corner of the world. Please be mindful however of the population cap whichever style of hold fast you choose to play.

Step 3: Economic Choices for Holdfast Interdependence & Trade

Holdfasts do not have everything they require to be self-sufficient, as no country or holding ever has enough of everything to be able to effectively exist on it's own, without trade. To create trade opportunities between Holdfasts, and thereby spark both positive and negative events and roleplay opportunities, select the following from the below list:

(1) Aesthetic [Natural] Resource
(1) Strategic [Natural] Resource

Conditionally, you may choose a second of either natural resource, but in exchange,
your Holdfast will [REQUIRE] trade from another Holdfast, or the internal process of (1) additional Processed [Luxury] Good.

Choose (2) Processed Goods (Either Luxury or Strategic) for your Holdfast to be able to manufacture, noting you will either require the natural resource internally, or trade from another Holdfast for it.

Your Holdfast will [REQUIRE] (1) Luxury Good at minimum to keep the population happy, chosen during Holdfast creation.

The quality of your Holdfast's military will be based on the highest level of strategic metal available in your holdfast, if any is available or traded for.
(Non-Metallic Weapons < Copper < Bronze < Iron)

Natural Resources:

Aesthetic Resources-

Raw Gems (For Jewelry)
Dyes (For Fabrics / Silk Goods & Clothing)
Gold Ore (For Minted Currency / Goods / Statues)
Raw Marble (For Construction / Statues)
Silver Ore (For Silver Goods / Special Weapon Coatings)

Strategic Resources-
Copper Ore (For Copper Goods/Ingots/Weaponry)
Raw Cotton (For Cloth/Light Armor)
Gypsum (For Plaster)
Incense (For Religious Reagents)
Mercury (For Magic Reagents)
Tin Ore (For Alloying/Ingots)

Food Resources-
Various Crops (For Emergency Rations)
Spices (For Emergency Rations)

Processed Goods:

Luxury Goods-

Fabrics & Silk Goods/Clothing
Minted Currency, Gold Goods, & Gold Statues
Marble Constructions & Marble Statues
Silver Goods & Special Weapon Coatings

Strategic Goods-
Alloying (For Heartier Metals, like Bronze, etc)
Copper Goods, Ingots, and Copper Weaponry
Standard Clothing & Light Armor
Plaster (For Medicine)
Religious Reagents (Miracles - Religious Magics)
Magic Reagents (Spells - Arcane Magics)
Population and Size
Each hex has a side of 15 km, for a total of 585 km2. (It's about as big as Chicago irl.) There can be a total of 5 hexes claimed for a total area of 2925 km2. (It's about as big as Yosemite National Park irl.)
The population limit per hex is per square kilometer is 30. It is possible to leave some hexes empty and use that population to put towards a large or capital city, but overall you may not have more than 87,750 sentient beings in your holdfast. Remember that population is still quite small and fragile, so massive populations are very, very rare indeed.

Emergency Rations (Requires Various Crops + Spices)
Having Emergency Rations allows your Holdfast to survive longer during sieges and protracted military campaigns. They are not necessary for normal Holdfast warfare and existence. These are a special type of Strategic good requiring more than one food resource.

Trade will be explained in the Trade Ministry Subforum, explained [HERE].

Step 4: Name your Holdfast, and Determine Population Makeup, then Submit

Fill out the below attached template and post for review by the Crown Estate Commission, and you will receive a response within (48 hours). If you are on the Discord channel for this RP, poke the Oracle nicely for a "hopefully" quicker response time.

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware any options reflected in your submission should be flavored in a [high] medieval fantasy setting; Holdfasts should not allude to any "real-world" exigent circumstances like real-world countries in existence currently. As Caer Sidi is flavored in a setting of a Western-style medieval era, with influences of Celtic and some Norse mythology, and Magic, your Holdfast should have some elements that are able to play along with the setting accordingly.
Please reference [THIS THREAD] if you have any questions related to Caer Sidi's lore, setting, etc.

ALSO NOTE (FOR EXISTING HOLDFASTS): Please send/post a updated Holdfast description using the below template.

Census for Existing Holdfasts

Name of Holdfast:

Government Type:

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
1 Aesthetic )
1 Strategic )
An Optional*)

Holdfast's Starting Manufacturing Processed Goods:
Luxury or Strategic 1)
Luxury or Strategic 2)

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Required Luxury 1)
Optional* 2)

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Approximate Holdfast Population:

Holdfast Description & Current Internal / External Affairs:

[Signed: Head of the Office of the Crown Estate Commissioners] 
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=Template, Copy and Paste, then Fill Out. Post Modified Caer Sidi Map Image on Bottom of Reply=
Request for Holdfast Creation and Land Disbursement:

Name of Holdfast: ______________________________

Government Type: ______________________________

Total Population & Racial Makeup: ______________________________

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic )
Strategic )

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:
Luxury or Strategic 1)
Luxury or Strategic 2)

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1)
Optional 2*)

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:
(Link map image with Desired Hexes for Holdfast Here)

Holdfast Description:

Request for Holdfast Creation and Land Disbursement:

Name of Holdfast: Minas Tyrrith

Government Type: Representative Monarchy

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic ) Gold Ore
Strategic ) Iron Ore
Optional *) None

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Minted Currency (Dukats)
Luxury or Strategic 2) Iron weaponry

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1) Fabrics & Silk goods
Optional 2*) None

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:
(Link Map Image with Desired Hexes for Holdfast Here):

Holdfast Description:
A medieval minor kingdom, ruled by the Royal Steward in the name of King Aethelrod

The steward of Minas Tyrrith

Honored Envoy of King Aethelrod,

Your enlightened choice of a Representative Monarchy in these troubling times brings the Crown Offices an extreme amount of comfort in knowing we can rely on a new trade partner in the Northern Reaches, and on a sea trade route as well.

I do not see any issues with the form of your request, and we appreciate your efforts in vertically integrated your supply chain in Gold and Iron Ores; a heavily mining-focused vassalage will bring some new prosperity into the realm, and Iron Weaponry will be in short supply with the ongoing war.

See you keep your elites and nobles in check while sourcing a Fabric & Silk Goods source; we should be soon done with the economic overhauls with the Crown Census being processed. The Crown Trade Ministry should eventually be able to assist with developing trade connections between Holdfasts, however amidst the invasion, our work is slow-going, and envoys are taking longer and longer to return.

Your Holdfast request is granted, and the request to add your holdings to the Royal Maps will be processed within a fortnight.

Lord Minister Kelbram Vellisarius,
Adjutant Crown Estate Commissioner
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Taighe U'Aiydun, envoy for Tyrn U'Yn Elfait, hereby sends forth this declaration to inform her majesty's court of the resources abundant enough for trade within the borders of our noble hold. Though our hold is long since established, even so before the coming of Syvisfolk to the warren, and has worked side by side with the the Queensland since they were first established, the council that sits within Yn Elfait has still elected that a declaration such as this should be send forth, to honour the establishment of one trade ministry, and to facilitate trade between Tyrn U'Yn Elfait and the other fey-, Cær-, and Syvisfolk who doth reside within the warren.
Request for Holdfast Creation and Land Disbursement:

Name of Holdfast: Tyrn U'Yn Elfait

Government Type: Stratocracy (Ruled by a council of the most highly esteemed knights of the holdfast)

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic ) Raw Gems (In the form of pearls)
Strategic ) Copper Ore
Optional*) Tin Ore

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Bronze alloying and crafting
Luxury or Strategic 2) Jewelry crafting

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1) Fine Clothing
Optional 2*) Jewelry 

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:
Is already on the map

Holdfast Description & Current Internal / External Affairs:
Tyrn U'Yn Elfait is a loosely held together federation consisting of several different tribes native to Caer Sidi, brought together to fight against the forces of the Chaolich. The federation is centered around the ancient castle Yn Elfait. Tyrn U'Yn Elfait is ruled by a council of knights with members from each of the tribes living around the castle.

The holdfast is currently readying itself for war with the reemerging forces of the Chaosium.

Approximate Holdfast Population:
~50000 Satyrs
~30000 Merfolk
~200 Oceanids
~1000 Talmuns
~5000 Hillsprites

Request for Holdfast Creation and Land Disbursement:

Name of Holdfast: Mestrland

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Total Population & Racial Makeup:
Half-Elf: 36550
Human: 18080
Elves: 16740

Holdfast's Natural Resources:

Aesthetic: Raw Marble

Strategic: Copper Ore

Optional: Silver Ore

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:

Luxury or Strategic 1) Silver Goods & Special Weapon Coatings

Luxury or Strategic 2) Magic Reagents (Spells - Arcane Magics)

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:

Luxury 1) Jewelry

Optional 2*) Fabrics & Silk Goods/Clothing

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:

Holdfast Description: Mestrland is famous for its harmony between humans and elves. This harmony between both races have led to a large number of inter race marriages and hence, half-elves constitute of the majority of the holdfast's population. The King of Mestrland, Theoden Zinsalor of the Zinsalor dynasty, has an elvish father and human mother. King Theoden is known for his courage and kindness. Though the population is generally content with the rule of Theoden, there are those who are scheming actively against the King within the royal family. These are the ones who still look to the old times, when races weren't allowed to be mixed, with fondness. Theoden is known for his war tactics, but within the palace he needs the counsel of his sister, Aila, to keep those who conspire against him at bay.

[Image: MgwBskw.png]
The Corleone Family:
Click here to see my Caer Sidi badges

[Image: cnHaKqb.png]

Trade attaché Begson entered the magistrates hall, he had been dispatched by Ambassador Yale when news of the census came through.
The Ambassador knew her team and Carmick was one of the best at his job - the hall was a busy, confusing mess; confusing to anyone unused to this type of thing, but he walked calmly up the hall, carefully surveying all those registering new lands but not disturbing them, found the correct magistrate and deposited the form with the magistrate taking trade census forms.
The easy part was done - but this was just a detour on the way to his destination and the part he was looking forward too - time to pay the trade ministry a visit.

Census for Existing Holdfasts

Name of Holdfast: Ironbay

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
1 Aesthetic ) Dyes & Inks
1 Strategic ) Iron ore
An Optional*) Sedimentary rock deposits (gypsum, chalk, slate ect.)

Holdfast's Starting Manufacturing Processed Goods:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Fabrics (mainly Linen)
Luxury or Strategic 2) Alloying (largely cast Iron)

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Required Luxury 1) Precious metals
Optional* 2) Spices

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Approximate Holdfast Population: 40,000 (est)

Holdfast Description & Current Internal / External Affairs:

Ironbay has sent 400 troops in response to the call to war from the Queensland, with a further 400 preparing to depart. 
Defences are also being prepared on the home front.



For ninety years we have now lived side by side with your people. We have not been as active in seeing everyone prosper as we should have, and for this we apologize. These years have changed us greatly. When we came here we were the Sikosanala only, a people long forgotten and wishing to be so. But your way of life has influenced us, and now we are more of Caer Sidi than we are of merely Sikosanala. Therefore the decision has been made among the people of the Peaks to take a more active role within the world we all inhabit. On behalf of the Council, Faith, and People of the Peaks it has come to me to inform your Majesty and her offices that the city of Nurali has been founded and our realm under this name henceforth shall partake in seeing all realms prosper. With this proclamation and humble request for official recognition we attach the latest census of the realm for the administrative purposes of Her Majesty's offices. 

Request for Holdfast Creation and Land Disbursement:

Name of Holdfast: Nurali

Government Type: Direct Democracy 

Total: approximately 64 600
Humans: 62 900
Mountain Spirits: approximately 850
Snow Spirits: approximately 850

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic ) Dyes
Strategic ) Copper Ore
Optional*) Tin Ore

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Dyed Fabrics
Luxury or Strategic 2) Bronze Alloying (If allowed: also the crystal tools mentioned in Holdfast posts, but this is just aesthetic lore, functionally it's like bronze goods)

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1) Marble Constructions
Optional 2*) Silver Goods

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:


Holdfast Description:

What was once a simple tribal society centered around gliding between mountainous peaks, but recently more and more influenced by the civilizations of the surrounding societies. Although many aspects of their former life are still quite intact many others have changed drastically. Looking to establish better contact with their far-away neighbors they have expanded into the cold lands to the east of their mountains, where they have founded a city along a major river, hoping to trade with others. They have adopted a democratic system of governance where any adult citizen may participate in the decision-making of the holdfast. 

They are worried about the developments regarding the invasion, they are not warriors, but with the discovery of bronze-making and the abilities that come with it they are quickly advancing towards better readiness. 

Edit: For some reason I can't get the paragraphs to work properly, so sorry it's a bit wall-of-texty

A missive from the Crown Estate Commission is delivered to the office of Taighe U'Aiydun in Bastion, along with a small yet stately gift of a bouquet of flowers from the Queen's personal gardens.

Taighe U'Aiydun, your census report has been accepted and logged, and we at the Crown Estate Commission appreciate your dedication to the realm. As staunch allies of the Queendom, we are happy to continue calling you friends. Should the denizens or council of Tyrn U'Yn Elfait ever require anything we can provide, please let us know.

As you read the response from the CEC, a small letter flutters to the ground, bearing [i]on the wax stamp the seal  of the Queen. It contains instructions written on the back to be read to the ruling council of Tyrn U'Yn Elfait.[/i]

*A flowing parchment, written in silver ink and shining with a protection sigil along the sides, gleams as the Envoy unfurls the Crown Estate Comission's response to the creation of Mestrland's Holdfast. As the document is read, the Envoy feels a wash of positive energies flow over them, protecting them for the trip home.*

Envoy, you have done well to reach us here in Bastion. We respect King Theoden Zinsalor's decision to found a holdfast with his people right on the razor's edge from the invading Chaosium faction from the fallen Aimsir Citadel. The war has been so far nothing but slow advancement and plots from their side to turn many against the Queendom, but with this foundation of a Holdfast, it may spark hostilities sooner.

Should you request forces from the Capital, there are many itching to heed the call of battle in defense of Caer Sidi here. Be safe upon your trip home as you provide King Zinsalor the good news, and be protected by the magical enchantment that was woven into this scroll. It should make you undetectable to any foe you run across, for the next couple days.

May Queen Aynia watch over you in your darkest hours to come, and may Caer Sidi celebrate with you during your brightest days ahead.

Archmagius Tellam Pyri
Bastion Strategic War Council

Lord Val Reinult
High Executor of the Crown Estate Commission
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Name of Holdfast: _Dyllspire_____________________________

Government Type: __Constitutional Monarchy____________________________

Total Population & Racial Makeup: __53, 428 Forrester elves____________________________

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic ) Dyes
Strategic ) Gypsum

Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Silk goods
Luxury or Strategic 2) Plaster

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1) Silver goods/weapon coating
Optional 2*)

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Holdfast Location:
[Image: unknown.png]22/unknown.png

Holdfast Description: Dyllspire is situated in a small forest region and wishes to exist in a primitive and peaceful nature. The Forester elves feel a strong connection with their homeland and enjoy their native crops and medicines. Gardens are of great cultural and traditional value and the wealth of a person is commonly measured by the beauty of their garden. Dyllspirans are not warlike in nature and have generally poor, native weaponry. It is however, their desire to convert foreign silvers into weapons as it is their belief that the spirits of the universe created silver as a weapon to ward off evil.

Dyllon M Corleone,
A yummy yummy avocado 


Existing holdfast

Name of Holdfast: Valsaegrith

Government Type:Council of Guildmasters

The circles that guide each of the enclaves within the depths of Valsaegrith are comprised of the masters of each trade. Each circle will also have at least one priest of the night father serving in membership to assist with their insights.

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Aesthetic ) Silver Ore
Strategic ) Iron Ore
Optional*) Chitin

Holdfast's Starting Manufacturing Processed Goods:
Luxury or Strategic 1) Glowsilk
Luxury or Strategic 2) Refined Iron

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Luxury 1) Glowsilk
Optional 2*) Jewelry

*Requires Additional Luxury Resource

Approximate Holdfast Population: 40,000 Dulvyr

Holdfast Description & Current Internal / External Affairs:
Recently rediscovered by the satyrs of Tyrn U'Yn Elfait, the runestones they have placed throughout the holdfast are now flaring back to life as they cautiously take measures to restore control over their territory.
They have recently entered the final stages of a grand project that has consumed much of their attention in the last decades, and are eager to share the results of the work should circumstances allow.
Currently, the only holdfast they have established full communications with since the end of their self imposed exile is their closest neighbor, the Tyrn U'Yn Elfait to the south.

Three Khajiiti Knights in copper armor adorned with bird imagery and the mark of the Mane enter the hall, bearing Lorkhaj-Raans holdfast application wrapped in the finest silks and dyed fabulous gradiants
Name of Holdfast - Lorkhaj-Raan
Government Type - Theocratic Monarchy

== Holdfast's Natural Resources ==
Aesthetic ) Dyes
Strategic ) Copper
== Holdfast's Starting Processed Goods Tooling ==
Luxury or Strategic 1) Fabrics & Silk Goods/Clothing
Luxury or Strategic 2) Copper Goods, Ingots, & Weaponry
== Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry ==
Luxury 1) Silver Goods & Special Weapon Coatings

= Holdfast Location =
Lorkhaj-Raan is a kingdom of primitive yet sturdy towns and cities in the Lorkhaj dunes,
In spite of the lands lawless nature the Khajiit and Wyrm-Elves that inhabit the lands are very honor bound and hold the monarchy in high esteem.
With sandy roads dominated by markets, Churchs, And the halls of knightly adventurers guilds, The beastfolkish people of Lorkhaj-Raan are governed by the Blessed Mane whos said to possess the reincarnating soul of the dragon who founded the land and his advisors from cults around Lorkhaj-Raan
Khajiit - 30,000
Wyrm-Elves - 20,000
Elves - 1,000
Humans - 500
Satyrs - 800
Centaurs - 2,000
Merfolk - 8,000
Harpys - 3,000
Total of 65,300
Signed with the greatest glee
Ja'Zaar Holy-Hammer, 2nd Mane of Lorkhaj-Raan

OOC: " Due to the number of posts - I've reviewed all postings since the last one I approved."

All are approved, as posted. I will submit all adjustments to the map accordingly. I look forward to seeing your Holdfasts proper.

Understudy Alphonse Ward Jr.
Deputy Crown Estate Commissioner
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Update; primarily for resources.

Name of Holdfast: Vuthuilia

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Holdfast's Natural Resources:
Raw Marble

Holdfast's Starting Manufacturing Processed Goods:
Iron: Weapons/Tools/Armour
Silver: Luxuries/Goods/Coating

Required Luxuries Wanted By Holdfast's Citizenry:
Fabrics & Silk Goods/Clothing
Plaster & Medical Implements

Approximate Holdfast Population: 30,000 (Give or take a few hundred)
Racial Makeup: 
Vuthuilian (Aite Fuarian): 20.4%
Vuthuilian (Post AF):36.7%
Dwarfs: 12.3%
Human: 5%
Sentient Golems: 1%
Kobolds: 3%
Myconids: 8%
Ratlings: 2.6%
Elves: 0.5%
Gnomes: 5.3%
Halflings: 5.2%

Holdfast Description & Current Internal / External Affairs:
"Rise from the ashes Vuthuilia! Rise from the bones of our once great city Aite Fuar and lay waste to the Chaoliches forces! Glory or defeat!" ~Speech from War Master Eluf Jørgensen, the Death King of Vuthuilia.

Vuthuilia was once Aite Fuar, defeated by the Chaoliches forces on the surface they retreated to an underground network of caverns and tunnels, which they defended with such ferocity they drove off the invaders. In time they lost their Aite Fuarian society and became increasingly violent,and aggressive they know only one true enemy... The Chaolich, its armies and those that come after...

Current internal affairs are set on defensive, whilst the Vuthuilian people perform their checks and balances regarding the Death King where economics and trade are concerned, however he is left in full control of the parcel of land he controls where the military might of Vuthuilia comes into play.

External affairs are, once more on he defensive side of things; trade is in weapons and goods. However they are more than willing to assist in combating forces that are akin to the Chaolichs!

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