Embassy/Diplomat Application Form

(10-17-2020, 04:41 AM)Loller Corleone Wrote:  If your region would like to establish an embassy with Caer Sidi, or if you are a diplomat from an embassy region and would like to receive the Diplomat masking, kindly fill out the following application and post it in this thread. But before that, please make sure that you have read our Embassy Policy.

Your NationStates Name: Siburian

Your main nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=Siburian

Your Discord handle: Ap3llo#2435

Region you are representing: Europiea

Your position within the region: Ambassdor of the ministry of foreign affairs 

Are you replacing a previous ambassador?: no, pictonia will still stay

How did you find us?: friends

Would you like gameside embassies or would you just like to exchange diplomats? If you would like gameside embassies, please send an embassy request once your application is accepted:


Hello there! Since you won't be replacing any ambassador, you'll retain your trav'ler masking. We only mask one diplomat per region just to keep things organized Big Grin

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