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Hello Caer Sidi!

Can I just say the layout here is simply divine. My compliments to the chef(s). Mwah

I'm Feirmont, here from Spiritus to mingle and update y'all on the goings on. A few people mentioned this region to me, so I decided to pop by and find a reason to stick around, so here we are!

Spiritus is a chill, relaxed region that has book enthusiasts, lawyers, gamers, scaredy cats, and more. Really what could you ask for from a community? We mostly just scream at each other in our Discord and pretend to pass laws on our forums.

We've also got an unhealthy/healthy obsession with potatoes. I mean it. Lots of potatoes. Everywhere.

We'll be using this embassy to post updates (if that weren't already obvious), but also ask me about myself or anything else.

Also red is sus. I'm just sayin'

(10-19-2020, 01:34 PM)Feirmont Wrote:  Also red is sus. I'm just sayin'

We are glad to have relations with Spiritus! All hail the Potato! Also as one of the chefs, thank you for the compliment!!

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Spiritus Octember Novtober Update

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Z-Day 2020

Four o’clock in the afternoon on October 30th, amidst massive waves of denial, zombies poked their heads into Spiritus. Everyone was prepping for a Halloween to be spent indoors, with limited contact with the neighborhood children who would normally line up around and down the block for candy. Instead, Spiritus, and many regions the NationStates world over, prepared to deal with the threat emerging from the ground before their eyes. The leaders of Spiritus had one clear goal in mind - a cure, in any method possible. No one handed this message down from someone higher, those in Spiritus just knew what their duty was. And even in that duty, going right against the game’s creator Mac as he denied it. He denied the zombie menace at every turn. Until the last. This was a very clever strategy by Max, and one that added an extra layer to the event that many were unsure would happen given the current state of the world.

However, as the clocks struck four, Spiritus sprung into action. After the events of N-Day so recently, Delegate Salaxalans took backseat for this one, instead a new face joined the ranks to lead. Alongside Attorney General TimothySnyder, newly elected Chief Executive Feirmont took the reins on Z-Day. Others stood tall beside them, guiding as they could, including Red Dusk, Ltin, and Rogamark, among others. It was a slow start for the region, the numbers not reaching peak effectiveness until late into the night and early morning. As dawn broke on Halloween, many of those leading the charge fell off to rest and regain their strength. Stragglers tried to fill the shoes, but the lack of permanent presence was clear outside of the lists Feirmont provided before his time offline. But the people of the region followed the lists, and kept to the cure, each firing their own missiles at whomever they felt was the right target. As the day went on, the likes of TimothySnyder, Rogamark, and Ltin started remaking their appearances. The cure effort was coordinated, and when Feirmont rejoined the fray the was taken effectively and precisely with TimothySnyder and Ltin guiding the RMB and Discord whenever Feirmont couldn’t.

As Halloween drug on, and the willpower of some of the larger nations got weak or needed breaks, finally a light was seen on the horizon. Max finally came to his sense, informing everyone that the end of Z-Day was nigh, and pure cleanliness was in Spiritus’ future as well. As efforts continued, and as those participating saw the end goal, it was time to get tighter and stricter about how things were done. Spiritus found herself launching the final cure missile, one coming from TimothySnyder, on the last of the infected in Kialga; the last of the infected in Spiritus. That cure missile fell at eight thirty-seven in the evening. Spiritus was clean, and it was a matter of vigilance to keep her clean until midnight on November 1st. Spiritus ended up finishing among the top of the top regions: 9 in Most Survivors + No Infected and 14 in Most Survivors overall. A resounding success for not only the nations of Spiritus, but for the new Chief Executive, who stepped up to take the reins from a Delegate still worn from the Nuclear Holocaust not even a month ago.

written by Lead Editor Kialga

Spooky Spuds and the Undead Union

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For the Hallo-week of Halloween, Spiritus and the European Union combined their (undead) forces to celebrate spooks and candy corn with the Spooky Spuds and the Undead Union festival. Included were classic spooky spam games, a game of Among Us (red is of course sus), and terrifying tales of timely treason in the form of Werewolf.

Contests were also in abundance, with Inquista taking the top prize in the pumpkin carving contest with their postcard-style submission. The battle for pumpkin-art was accompanied by a battle for candy corn supremacy, as festival goers gained and bet on how many candy corns are in a (virtual) packet! Rom took the top spot, making crafty and careful bets, and calculated guesses along the way.

The festival continued with some more spooky spam until the snow started falling, signalling the start of a new month and the end of festivities.

flag credit to Inquista

Spiritus Elects 6th Legislature, Keeps Delegate and Chief Justice

The beginning of November marked the elections of both the legislature and the Delegate, with an approval vote for the current sitting Chief Justice. The Delegate position saw only one candidate, The Salaxalans, who took the spot for another four months. Spiritus also allowed Chief Justice Rogamark to keep his spot on the bench. However, the legislature election saw many candidates, allowing for a total of five elected positions in the legislature.

After a few weeks of campaigning and voting, Spiritus decided that the 6th sitting of the legislature would be composed of Rogamark, Louisistan, Kialga, TimS, and Seraph. The newly elected legislators then swifty decided to let Louisistan keep the top spot of Chair Potato which he held in the previous sitting.

The Great Potato Pardon

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This year marked the first Potato Pardon in Spiritus, with Delegate The Salaxalans putting two candidate potatoes forward for the members of Spiritus Discord to decide on which will be forgiven in time for (American) Thanksgiving. The two candidates put forward their best faces, but at the end the members decided on the fate of the poor happy potato. Ah well, I’m sure the other potato was thankful!

Thank you for the update!

Congratulations to Salaxalans for retaining his Delegacy and all the newly elected legislators!

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