Treaty of Tech Duinn: Osiris Caer Sidi - PASSED

Treaty of Tech Duinn

The Seasonal Monarchy of Caer Sidi and the Osiris Fraternal Order, representing the people of the two regions, hereby enter into the following treaty of friendship with good faith

Section 1. Treaty Provisions

1. For this treaty to go into effect, it shall be ratified by the duly authorized government of both regions.

2. If either region wishes to make an amendment to the treaty, the amendment must be ratified by the authorized governmental bodies of both regions before the amendment may take effect.

3. This treaty does not require renewal, however, if either region wishes to terminate the treaty they must give seven days notice to the appropriate member(s) of government of the other region.

4. Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility in any way.

Section 2. Diplomacy and Culture

1. Caer Sidi will recognize and support only the legitimate government of Osiris, as determined by its laws.

2. Osiris will recognize and support only the legitimate government of Caer Sidi, as determined by its laws.

3. Both signatories shall establish and maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates website) with one another.

4. Both signatories shall prepare a designated offsite embassy for the other region, whether it be forum, discord, or both, and assign an emissary to deliver foreign updates.

5. Both signatories shall endeavor to participate and host joint cultural activities, not limited to such things as regional game nights, festivals, and role plays.

Section 3 - Military Undertakings

1. Neither Caer Sidi nor Osiris shall conduct military operations against one another or directly or indirectly support military operations against each other.

2. If either region has military action against it, both regions agree to provide as much military support as it can reasonably provide and will do everything possible to mobilize that support as soon as possible.

3. Subclause 2 of Section 3 does not apply when the military action in question is conducted by an ally of the region, who is asked for support.

4. In situations that do not fall elsewhere under this treaty, both signatories will endeavor to provide military support to the other Signatory when requested by that other Signatory, if the request is consistent with their own internal governmental policies.

5. Signatories will endeavor to undertake military training exercises together as frequently as they reasonably can.

Section 4 - Intelligence Undertakings

1. Both signatories shall provide information to the other if such information is pertinent to the other's security or well-being, or otherwise upon the other's reasonable request.

2. Both signatories shall endeavor to reveal as much as possible in such situations, but not more than they can under laws, terms of service, or the need to protect sources.

3. Both signatories pledge to never engage in espionage or any other action that could subvert the sovereignty of the other.


1. This Treaty will go into effect immediately after being ratified by both signatory regions.

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