The Malicious Arrival

Hello Malicious trav'lers from abroad! Now that you have registered your character, please make your introduction through the portal in this thread. Please use the below for exposition of the landscape you arrive into while customizing your entrance.

The landscape is eerie as dusk is beginning to fall over the worn flats and sparse, weathered trees around you. Far away you can make out what looks to be a coastline. The sun is a sphere of blazing fire on it's way to being drenched in the inky black waters of the sea stretched out in the distance. There's not much of anything in your presence, which could be a blessing or a curse.

The ragged bushes and tall trees are scattered around, some clumped together in what would at one time have been beautiful groves but now a significant portion of the trees seemed almost stone with the passage of time.  The ground under your feet is sturdy and consists of a brownish grey dirt. Scrub grass grows intermittently, but for the most part this landscape is open. It is also very quiet. You listen hard and can hear soft rustles of branches in the wind and small creatures going about their business, but no other sounds.

There seem to be enough patches of trees to be reasonably covered if you headed towards the coastline. It would be your best chance and by your estimation was maybe 5 or six kilometers from your current position.

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