The Warren of Caer Sidi

Full Version: Admin Requests
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If you need help or Administrator assistance please post below with a clear description of what you require.
Hello! I am the senior diplomat from TEP and requesting the Diplomat mask
Diplomat from Edlhus requesting masking
I'm the diplomat from Spiritus looking for a spooky diplomat mask :o
I am the diplomat from Osiris, and am requesting a diplomat masking! :) Thanks.
Hello, I'm the diplomat from Thegye and require a diplomat masking
All up to date!
The diplomat from Lazarus, apologies for the delay in registration.
I'm Indusse, founder of India. (Diplomat from India.) Sorry for the delay. :-)
Founder/FA head of Niamark, requesting diplomat masking.
sorry for being late to the party, I am Koroskvy, ambassador from 21st Century Rome
all masked
Hello, I am Glacio Revera, Sovereign of Ravana.