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Embassy of Europeia

Treaty signed with Caer Sidi:
[Image: PointedBossyBoaconstrictor-small.gif]

It's that time of year for our Foreign Affairs Minister, Kuramia, and she's eager to spread one of her favorite holidays your way. To get you all involved in the Halloween spirit, we're offering a chance to get...CANDY!

Yes, Europeia is offering you a treat. You just have to stick your hand in the pumpkin. We would promise no tricks, but here in Europeia, tricks are just as possible as treats. The tricks this time come in the form of some pretty widely hated candies. Will you get the treat or the trick?

Click here to randomly generate your candy and continue to click as many times as you wish. Collect a hoard of candy, but beware the duds!

[Image: NMhl.gif]
Trick or Treat with Europeia

We hope you all are safe this time of the year and taking care of yourself. From Europeia to you

Hahaha thank you so much for the candies!! Got Sour Patch Kids!!
[Image: p22021796.png]

Europeian Republican Navy Twelve Month Cumulative Report

Contact Information (Discord): Istillian#0676

(Europeia, October 26, 2020) – The Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) has recently conducted a review of its level of operations and target hit rate from the last twelve months, inclusive of joint holds and allied operations. After suffering from a period of somewhat quiet decline from mid-2019, the ERN is now seeing encouraging levels of operations being run, and many sailors being trained for leadership.

In October 2019, the ERN was involved in a total of four operations, gaining a total of 19 targets hit. However, notably, over the next seven months (until May 2020), the ERN ran, or were involved in, a total of 11 operations, garnering a total amount of 14 targets hit.

With a recent rejuvenation of it's forces, starting in the June of 2020, the ERN is now seeing high levels of capability, culminating in the highest series of operations run, and targets hit, in the month of October 2020. 21 operations have been run so far over the last month, and 121 targets were hit.

A graphical analysis from the last twelve months follows:
[Image: S7N8teC.jpg]

Although the ERN has recently changed some of its tactics to focus on competitive challenges between its sailors, the demand for training from its own forces, and the scouting for new enlistee's, remains a high priority.


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here:
Its wonderful to see ERN thriving! Looking forward to more ERN + TAC ops!
Thread pinned and Treaty of Cairdeas linked in the OP. Hooray!
Contact: (TG) Baobab-Bumbaria

(Europeia - November 26, 2020) President Peeps announced the treaty of Cairdeas with new ally Caer Sidi on November 19. In the announcement, President Peeps described the proposed amendments of the treaty.

"I submit for ratification the Treaty of Cairdeas, an alliance with Caer Sidi. We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Caer Sidi for some time now, with our regions having celebrated a Region of the Week not to long ago and frequently cooperating militarily. The latter especially caused us to decide to pursue a full treaty immediately, rather than a Non-Aggression Pact. I look forward to continued cooperation and friendship under this agreement. [...] Finally, the name, Cairdeas, is the Irish word for friendship, which we thought quite fitting."

The treaty was supported by most senators immediately, After some concerns about the language and nature of the treaty were discussed, Speaker Lime moved the treaty to a vote.

The treaty was passed unanimously 5-0-0 on Tuesday, November 24.

Vice President Pichtonia will celebrate the treaty with Caer Sidi's monarch Aynia Moreaux and their Taioseach Icarus live on EBC Radio on Sunday, November 29, at 11 PM CET/5 PM EST.

This 'Caer Sidi' you have signed the Treaty with sounds like very cool people! XD
Happy Holidays, Caer Sidi!

We at Europeia wanted to wish you a happy new year, and hope you ended 2020 on a high note, celebrating with your friends and family.

2020 has been a difficult year for us, but we’ve seen that the NationStates community is more resilient than ever. Among real-life issues like the pandemic causing us to change our way of life, we’ve seen our online community flourish and grow closer than ever before.

Europeia has had her own share of events this year, ranging from big ones like the re-merge of our executive to a single president, and a new world assembly delegate, but also smaller ones such as welcoming newer citizens during the Drew Boom, finally playing on a regional minecraft server, and attending NS-wide events like N-day and UCR Con!

We hope that your regional community has continued to grow closer together and stronger during the course of this year, and we are excited to see what 2021 will bring to the nationstates community. We are glad to have had you by our sides this year, and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Here’s to a great year, and onwards to 2021!

Grandfather Clock,
Europeian Ambassador to Caer Sidi
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Happy New Year!
Yes! Happy New Year and best wishes for what is to come, from Europeia.
[Image: p22021797.png]

Europeia February Update
9 February 2021

In the month of February, Europeia had two major events, the commendation of our founder, as well as the EuroChoice awards celebration, a look back at our region in 2020.

[Image: uBjQLHc.jpeg]
HEM, founder of Europeia, commended
Adapted from an EBC article published February 6, by Pichtonia

(February 7, 2021) – Following a decisive vote in the Security Council, the World Assembly overwhelmingly commended King HEM for his achievements in the regions of Europeia, the South Pacific, and The Land of Kings and Emperors.

With the commendation, Sopo makes good on the final promise of his presidency. After Sopo announced that he would introduce Commend King HEM in his closing address, he introduced a first draft, co-authored by Maowi, to the Security Council forum only two days later.

On January 19, Sopo brought forth another (and eventually final) draft. Having gone for nearly two weeks without objections, Sopo then submitted the draft to the Security Council on January 31.

Sopo and a team of allies and friends worked diligently on securing the 58 approvals needed to bring the Security Council resolution to a vote before the World Assembly by reaching out to delegates across NationStates.

Quorum was reached after Monday minor update, which meant the resolution was good to go to a vote on Monday major update. The vote stacked in favour of the commend very early, as the endorsement-heavy delegates of the North Pacific, the East Pacific, the West Pacific, the Pacific, Balder, Osiris, Europe, and of course Europeia all voted in favour within the first few hours.

The World Assembly Legislative League, known as WALL, played a major role in helping the resolution move forward. As Sopo described, "WALL members initially provided feedback on the draft, which was helpful - an outside opinion that was still trustworthy. When it came time to submit, I was glad to have WALL members' support obtaining approvals and then voting early when it came to vote."

"Overall, I was really glad to have their help," he added.

By Friday major update, the resolution had been confirmed by a vote of 76.6% in favour and 23.4% against.

Once the result was clear, the main channel on Europeia's discord erupted in celebration, with citizens and foreign visitors cheering on HEM. Sopo, the main author of the resolution, expressed his satisfaction at the results. His friend, the founder of Europeia, had been commended.

[Image: QJb62z2.png]
Europeia Holds 2020 EuroChoice Awards
Adapted from an EBC article published 8 February by Maowi

Likely one of the most highly anticipated events of the New Year period, the Europeian Choice Awards - EuroChoice - returned in full force for reflection on and celebration of the achievements and stars of 2020.

The Ministry of Culture officially announced the event on January 10 with a scheduled start of January 25. In anticipation of the event, Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Radio also put out a speculation broadcast featuring Calvin and GraVandius.

The festival subforum was opened to the public on the following day, with participants making their entrance on the celebrated Red Carpet, as well as the launch of a variety of forum games.

In line with the recent explosion of EBC Radio activity hosted on Twitch, the final award ceremony was conducted as a video stream, complete with a specially created slide show. Among the winners announced live by Sopo, Calvin, and GraVandius were, notably, Pichtonia for Europeian of the Year, Darkslayer for Rising Star of the Year, and EuroPride 2020 for Event of the Year.

The success of EuroChoice 2020 is a reflection of the many triumphs and accomplishments Europeia saw over the past year.

All that is left now is to look forward through 2021, and strive to use what we achieved in 2020 to soar higher still.
Awesome! Thank you for the update, it´s really awesome that Hem got commended
(02-09-2021, 12:21 PM)Icarus Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome! Thank you for the update, it´s really awesome that Hem got commended

No, thank you, Ica! We think it's awesome too!
Wonderful update as always! Commending HEM was something that was long overdue and I am really happy that it finally happened!
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